A Man in Full: Is Cleangirl an Actual Cosmetic Company?

While some key players like Charlie Croker, Roger White, and Raymond Peepgrass sport instrumental narrative significance in ‘A Man in Full’ through central roles, other ensemble characters also manage to leave a lasting influence over the tale through their presence. Lucy Liu’s Joyce Newman remains one such character whose social standing as a beloved beauty industry staple keeps her in social circles with important people. Introduced into the storyline as a fairly hostile personality against Charlie, Joyce becomes one of the crucial puzzle pieces in the businessman’s pursuit of shaking off the PlannersBanc’s attempts at bringing about his bankruptcy.

For the same reason, Joyce retains relevance within the plot as a prominent public figure with the ability to make and break careers. Thus, viewers might find themselves intrigued by her own career, leading to speculations about the reality behind her company, Cleangirl Cosmetics. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Cleangirl and Joyce Newman’s Influential Career

Since Joyce Newman’s character is a fictitious element in the overarching fictional narrative of ‘A Man in Full,’ her cosmetic brand, Cleangirl, is also rendered a work of fabrication. Joyce’s contribution to the narrative remains limited to the overlap between her past and Charlie’s future motives. As a result, the woman’s public word and reputation become a crucial piece in Charlie’s elaborate game to weasel his way out of bankruptcy through some morally dubious politics.

For the same reason, Joyce’s limited influence over the narrative enriches the show’s sensitive exploration of a woman’s choice in matters of sexual assault and the aftermath that follows. Thus, the show rarely delves into her experiences within the beauty industry. Instead, the storyline equips Cleangirl Cosmetics and its influence to establish Joyce’s reputation and social currency as a public figure.

By associating Joyce with the cleangirl aesthetic— a statement style in the contemporary beauty world—, the show affirms her continued media relevance, which directly plays into her central storyline. As such, the company infuses her character with timely relevance, allowing room for authentic influence as a public figure. Nevertheless, despite the company’s contribution to the character’s narrative, its relations to reality remain minimal.

For the sake of contextualizing Joyce’s career in the narrative, one can compare her brand to real-life companies, such as Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauties, the botanical beauty brand Kosas, or Hailey Bieber’s skincare company Rhode Skin. All these brands currently lead the market in the “no-makeup” makeup trend associated with the “clean girl aesthetic.” Therefore, by paralleling such a prominent trend, the show’s fictional beauty brand retains a sense of realism.

While these companies hold no tangible connections to Joyce and her Cleangirl brand, they provide a real-life reference that parallels the cosmetic company’s in-universe influence. In reality, no actual brands exist in the beauty or skincare industry, confirming Cleangirl Cosmetics’ fictionality.

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