Ethics Policy

Plagiarism and Copyright: We uphold the principles of originality and respect for intellectual property. Plagiarism and copyright violations are strictly prohibited.

Compensation and Favors: We do not accept monetary compensation, gifts, or any form of favors in exchange for coverage. Our reporting remains unbiased and free from external influence.

Headlines and Sensationalism: We reject sensationalism, misleading information, and clickbait headlines. Our headlines accurately reflect the content and tone of the articles.

Harmful Stereotypes: We are committed to avoiding the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes based on race, gender, ethnicity, profession, or any group identifiers. Our content promotes diversity and inclusion.

Consideration of Offended Perspectives: We consider the perspectives of those offended by hateful expressions when making publication decisions, ensuring a respectful and inclusive discourse.

Advertiser Influence: Our journalism remains independent from advertiser interests. We safeguard the integrity of our reporting by preventing advertiser influence.

Privacy and Minors: We respect the privacy of individuals, especially minors. We do not publish a minor’s photo if their parents/guardians do not typically display their image in public, unless explicit permission is obtained.

Online Content and Privacy: We respect the privacy rights of individuals online. We do not use content from private individuals without obtaining their permission.

Juvenile Suspects in Criminal Cases: We withhold the names of juvenile suspects in criminal cases unless they are charged with serious violent crimes, such as armed robbery, aggravated sexual assault, attempted homicide, or homicide.

Corrections and Transparency: We are dedicated to transparency in correcting errors. Corrections that significantly alter the meaning or perception of information are noted within articles.

By adhering to these ethical guidelines, we ensure the integrity, fairness, and accountability of our journalism, maintaining the trust of our readers and upholding the standards that guide our news reporting.