A Time Called You Season 2: Possibilities Explored

‘A Time Called You’ is Netflix’s South Korean romance drama show with a premise that consists of a fantastical time-traveling element. After Han Jun-hee’s long-time boyfriend, Gu Yeon-jun perishes in a plane crash, it leaves the former heartbroken and utterly unable to move on. Amidst her persisting grief, Jun-hee finds herself transported to a different time through a fateful cassette player. Now, living as a high-schooler, Kwon Min-ju, Jun-hee is faced with Si-heon, a boy with an uncanny resemblance to Yeon-jun. Destined for a set path, Jun-hee and Si-heon, unwitting time travelers chart their grand, if tragic, romance.

This engaging story about a timeless love creates a narrative that pulls at the viewers’ heartstrings and leaves them rooting for the central couple’s happily ever after. Through a perplexing journey across time and loneliness, Si-heon and Jun-hee find their destinies. Their compelling romance must have left fans to wonder if the couple’s story will continue in a potential season 2. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Will There Be A Time Called You Season 2?

‘A Time Called You’ premiered worldwide on September 8, 2023, on Netflix. So far, the show’s first and only season, with twelve episodes that range from 46 to 75 minutes in runtime, has received positive reviews from the audience. Within these episodes, the narrative depicts the story of multiple characters across time as their interconnected destinies change their lives for the better or worse. Jun-hee and Si-heon, the lead characters, learn intricate but obscure secrets of the universe as their love perseveres despite the countless complications they face as a couple.

As such, given the self-contained nature of season one, the chances of a continuation seem slim to none. All characters within the narrative find their conclusions, satisfying or not, with barely any loose ends left to explore. Therefore, if the show gets renewed, it’s most likely that the story will diverge from season one’s formula, either in premise or characters. Furthermore, the show’s origin presents another argument against the possibility of a season 2.

‘A Time Called You’ is adapted from a pre-existing Taiwanese show, ‘Someday or One Day,’ directed by Huang Tien-jen. The former takes a lot of inspiration from the latter, with their base plotline presenting almost identical stories. Since ‘Someday or One Day’ concluded its run after the first season, it’s fair to assume its South Korean counterpart might equip a similar path.

However, if the show follows in its predecessor’s footsteps, then fans may have something to look forward to in the future. After its initial release in 2019, ‘Someday or One Day’s’ characters saw a semi-continuation in a 2022/2023 eponymous spin-off film. Therefore, if ‘A Time Called You’ experiences a similar success as the Taiwanese show, a possible spin-off film might be in the former’s cards.

Nevertheless, it’s always possible that the show decides to go a different way and continue the storyline through another season. Since Jun-hee and Si-heon receive satisfying conclusions to their personal and romantic storylines, perhaps a second season can focus on other characters. Although the show leaves In-gyu and Min-ju in stable places, there’s always room to explore their romance. Furthermore, since neither Jun-hee nor Si-heon remains part of the characters’ tangible lives, the plot has the freedom to play around with its previous time-traveling element through In-gyu and Min-ju’s characters. Likewise, the introduction of an entirely new universe with unfamiliar characters in a soft reboot could also be the way to go.

Ultimately, the show has less likelihood of getting renewed, considering its genre and well-rounded ending. Still, the most significant factor in ‘A Time Called You’s’ renewal will depend on its ratings and viewership. If fans create enough buzz online and show their interest in a continuation, Netflix will greenlight the series accordingly. Nevertheless, the streaming site hasn’t made any announcement about a renewal yet. On the chance that Netflix makes an official announcement for any continuation, viewers can expect a season 2/spin-off film to arrive in late 2025.

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