Alex Ranarivelo to Direct Shattered Ice Next

Image Credit: Fab TV/YouTube

Alex Ranarivelo’s next film is ‘Shattered Ice.’ The movie is written by Jake Miskin. The filming of the sports drama has wrapped in Boston and Needham, Massachusetts. Charlie Gillespie, Kyla Kenedy, and Sterling Beaumon lead the project’s cast.

Set in a tight-knit Massachusetts town deeply entrenched in hockey culture, the movie revolves around Will Mankus, who is driven to demonstrate his prowess in the sport. The town is jolted when Mankus’ closest friend tragically takes their own life, sending shockwaves through the community. Mankus grapples with the profound impact, leading him into a personal downward spiral. Faced with the weight of his future and mounting external pressures, Mankus endeavors to navigate his path in a community seeking healing.

Ranarivelo is known for his expertise in helming compelling sports dramas. His previous projects include films such as ‘American Wrestler: The Wizard,’ which chronicles the inspiring journey of an Iranian teen adapting to life in the United States through wrestling. Additionally, ‘Born a Champion’ and ‘Dirt’ showcase his ability to conceive engaging narratives with an understanding of the sport he portrays.

Ranarivelo also expanded his directorial portfolio with recent ventures into diverse genres. Notably, he helmed the romantic comedy ‘I Believe in Santa’ for Netflix, the festive films ‘A Hollywood Christmas’ and ‘A Christmas Mystery’ for Max, and the drama movie ‘Ride’ for Prime Video. ‘I Believe in Santa,’ his latest film, revolves around the emotional challenges Lisa (Christina Moore) faces upon falling for a man named Tom (John Ducey), who still believes in Santa.

Renowned for its versatility as a filming location, Boston has been featured in various notable projects, including Max’s biographical drama ‘Julia’ and Paramount+’s sitcom ‘Frasier,’ along with Jeffrey Wright’s comedy-drama ‘American Fiction.’ Needham, on the other hand, previously hosted the shooting of Apple TV+’s crime drama series ‘Defending Jacob,’ starring Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery.

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