Blayne Weaver to Direct ‘Somebody, Anybody’ Next

Image Credit: Film Courage/YouTube

Blayne Weaver is all set to direct the movie ‘Somebody, Anybody’ as his next project. Filming is scheduled to commence in Shreveport in June. Weaver will be directing this comedy project from a script penned by Blake Winchell. The plot revolves around a voice actor’s journey to establish himself in the industry.

Image Credit: Film Courage/YouTube

Blayne Weaver’s recent directorial endeavors span various genres. In the Hulu project ‘Cupid for Christmas,’ Weaver brings to life the story of Ruby, an apprentice aiming for promotion, tasked with pairing an unlikely couple as her final challenge. Preceding this, Weaver directed the short film ‘Hit,’ exploring themes of suspense and intrigue. Additionally, his work on the horror film ‘Getaway’ delves into the chilling tale of Maddie, unknowingly thrust into a real-life nightmare during a film shoot. ‘Santa Girl’ presents a whimsical narrative, offering a glimpse into the life of Santa’s daughter as she experiences college in the human world. In the crime action thriller ‘Cut to the Chase,’ Weaver not only directs but also takes on the role of Max Chase, leading audiences through a gripping journey in search of his kidnapped sister within the seedy underbelly of Shreveport, Louisiana.

In addition to his diverse portfolio, Blayne Weaver has been involved in various roles within his projects. Notably, he wrote, directed, and starred in ‘6 Month Rule,’ a film exploring the antics of a womanizer imparting his wisdom on singledom to his naive friend. ‘Weather Girl,’ another of Weaver’s creations, sees a Seattle weather presenter unravel on live television after discovering her partner’s infidelity, leading to a comical upheaval as she seeks refuge with her brother. Prior to this, Weaver brought ‘Outside Sales’ to life, a romantic comedy delving into the life of a despondent salesman navigating the challenges of marital betrayal, an oppressive boss, and the unexpected arrival of an enchanting colleague.

His recent acting roles include portraying Mickey Mears in the film ‘Fluorescent Beast,’ and before that, he appeared in the TV movie ‘Pretty Stoned’ as Babbitt, where he also contributed to the screenplay.

Recent projects like ‘The Highwaymen’ and ‘The Blind’ have utilized Shreveport as a filming location, the same city where Weaver’s ‘Cut to the Chase’ was previously filmed.

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