Blood and Bone: Is The Consortium a Real Fight Club?

‘Blood and Bone,’ is a 2009 action-drama movie revolving around the life of an ex-convict who delves into the illegal world of underground streetfighting upon his release from prison. Isaiah Bone, who finished his sentence with a vengeful plot to bring feared gangster James and his criminal empire down, begins participating in street fights to get close to the other man. As a result, after a lucrative partnership with Pinball, who sets up his fights, Bone rises through the ranks until his skills catch James’ attention. Although Bone seeks James out for his own benefit, James realizes the man could be his key to entering the highly exclusive and bankable streetfighting tournament known among the fighters as Consortium. Therefore, viewers must be curious to know whether or not this elite fight club has any basis in reality. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Consortium Is a Fictional Fight Club

No, The Consortium from ‘Blood and Bone’ is not based on an actual illegal fight club. Instead, it is created for the sake of storytelling within the fictionalized film. Within the story, the exclusive fight club acts as an instrumental plot device to resolve the final conflict between Bone and James. Whereas Bone is only participating in illegal and immoral activity, such as money-driven streetfighting, to achieve his overarching selfless goal, James is a common name within the industry because of his thirst for power.

James has made a name for himself by employing powerful fighters and subjugating them under his influence, usually with the help of drugs. Afterward, the man can use these fighters to make profits at local streetsighting rings, where his champions are usually the most dangerous. Nevertheless, he’s never come across a fighter who could take him to the next level.

One of James’ contacts, Franklin McVeigh, runs a covert high-class fighting ring for wealthy individuals who pay big money to become an audience. As such, James wishes to become a patron in the circle to rise above his current standing and expand his business. Thus, even though the seemingly racist, elite group that runs the Consortium isn’t keen on extending an invitation to the club to James, the man manages to book one fight that becomes the backdrop for the film’s ultimate showdown.

In real life, there are no reports of such lucrative underground rings based on streetfighting and gambling. Nonetheless, the idea itself isn’t entirely outlandish. Even though underground fight clubs are usually illegal, they do tend to exist in real life. Nevertheless, these clubs rarely advertise their existence for obvious reasons.

According to sources such as Boxing Scene, people can join similar underground fight clubs for various reasons, including financial gain. Likewise, these clubs may charge spectators a viewing fee or gamble on the fights to make a profit. Nonetheless, apart from the plausibility of high-paying fight clubs, in reality, the consortium has no basis outside of fiction.

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