Casper Van Dien’s Ruthless Bastard Starts Filming in Vancouver in October

Casper Van Dien’s upcoming film ‘Ruthless Bastard’ is all set to begin filming in Vancouver, British Columbia, in October this year. The film follows two former gangster enforcers who hate each other but unite for one last assignment that can put their lives at risk.

Despite having a production plan in place, the filming is only expected to start after the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Vancouver, where the shoot is set to take place, has a thriving film and television production industry. The city’s scenic natural landscapes, coupled with its urban settings, further aid in shooting diverse projects. Hence, Vancouver has earlier facilitated the filming of numerous movies and shows, including ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ ‘Prison Break,’ ‘The Haunting of Hill House,’ ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,’ and ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’

The film is helmed by Bruce Fontaine, based on a script by Varinder Jhattu. Fontaine, also an actor and stunt coordinator by profession, is known for directing the 2015 action film ‘Beyond Redemption,’ which stars Nickolas Baric, Raymond Chan, and Osric Chau. His acting credits include the films ‘Hector and the Search for Happiness,’ ‘Full Grown Men,’ ‘Dead Heat,’ ‘Angel Terminators,’ and ‘Big Bullet.’

‘Ruthless Bastard’ stars Casper Van Dien in an undisclosed role. The actor is known for his performances in films, TV shows, and web series. He first gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of Johnny Rico in Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 sci-fi film ‘Starship Troopers.’ He is also known for his roles as Tarzan/John Clayton III in ‘Tarzan and the Lost City,’ Sam Morrow in ‘Assumed Killer,’ Baron Von Wolf in ‘The Most Dangerous Game,’ and Zed Dalton in ‘County Line: No Fear.’ Van Dien’s television credits include ‘Watch Over Me,’ ‘All American,’ and ‘Dangerous Women.’ The actor also appears in the web shows ‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’ and ‘Crunch Time.’

Van Dien is joined by Sean Patrick Flanery, famous for essaying the roles of Connor MacManus in ‘The Boondock Saints’ film series, Bobby Dagen in ‘Saw: The Final Chapter,’ and Mickey Kelley in ‘Born a Champion.’ Flanery has extensively worked on television as well, particularly in ABC’s ‘The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,’ USA Network’s ‘The Dead Zone,’ and Showtime’s ‘Dexter.’

The rest of the cast includes actors Parmish Verma and Hasleen Kaur. The latter is known for playing Babita in Netflix’s crime series ‘CAT.’ Theresa Lee, a prominent presence in Hong Kong films, has also joined the cast. The film is produced by Ryan Lamaster, the writer of ‘The Legend of Resurrection Mary,’ Alex Bogomolov, who previously produced the short films ‘Mulligan’ and ‘Healthy Living,’ and Phil Planta, known for producing the short films ‘The Shipment,’ ‘A Pregnant Woman,’ and ‘In Loving Memory.’

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