‘Devil in Disguise: John Wayne Gacy’ Starts Filming in Toronto in September

The filming of Peacock’s scripted series ‘Devil in Disguise: John Wayne Gacy’ is slated to begin in Toronto, Ontario, in September. As revealed earlier, Patrick Macmanus serves as the writer and showrunner of the project, which is based on Peacock/NBC News Studios’ docuseries ‘John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise.’

The series will provide a comprehensive overview of the events that unfolded in John Wayne Gacy’s life from 1972 to 1978, during which thirty-three young men were tragically kidnapped, murdered, and concealed beneath the residence of their perpetrator, all without detection for an extended period. The narrative examines the perplexing circumstances surrounding these crimes, delving into the enigmatic persona of the serial killer, who managed to maintain a charming and reputable image within the community.

The show will shed light on Gacy’s crimes beyond his outward facade, which included holding a respectable job and involvement in civic activities such as volunteering as a clown to entertain sick children. Through an exploration of the victims’ lives, the show aims to depict the impact of their untimely deaths on their families and friends, while also scrutinizing the systemic failures and societal biases that facilitated the perpetrator’s ability to evade justice for so long.

Macmanus recently contributed to various crime shows, including ‘The Girl from Plainville,’ delving into the true story of Michelle Carter’s involvement in a texting suicide case. He also created the first season of ‘Dr. Death,’ an anthology series exploring the real-life tales of doctors whose medical negligence led to tragic outcomes. Macmanus was involved in ‘Homecoming,’ which centers on the enigmatic Geist Group and their unconventional Homecoming Initiative. Additionally, he wrote the teleplay of three episodes of ‘Happy!’ which follows an injured hitman who befriends his daughter’s imaginary friend, and five episodes of ‘Marco Polo,’ depicting the adventures of the famed explorer in Kublai Khan’s court.

Toronto is expected to double for Chicago, Illinois, where Gacy lived. The Ontario city previously hosted the shooting of projects such as ‘Dream Scenario’ and ‘The Way Home.’

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