Doc Holliday 2 in the Works; Begins Filming in Blanco and Gainesville in April

The gunslinging dentist is coming back! ‘Doc Holliday 2,’ a sequel to the 2023 Western movie ‘Doc Holliday,’ is in development. The filming of the project is set to commence in Blanco and Gainesville, Texas, in April. Brett Bentman, who also helmed the original film, is directing the sequel based on his screenplay.

In the first film, Doc Holliday operates a modest dental practice in rural Georgia when his life takes a turn. A visit from a young Wyatt Earp presents him with a compelling opportunity – a job offer to pursue the notorious Bridle Brothers. The narrative unfolds as the unlikely duo embarks on an engrossing journey, delving into the pursuit of justice and the challenges that arise while hunting down outlaws. The movie captures the essence of the Wild West, bringing to life the dynamic relationship between Holliday and Earp as they confront the dangers and complexities of their chosen mission.

In the upcoming sequel, Doc Holliday’s journey continues as he finds himself on trial for the alleged murder of a missing Faro player. Retiring to Colorado after a prolonged battle with tuberculosis, Holliday is unexpectedly drawn into one final adventure as he sets out to save a young man from the clutches of ruthless outlaws.

Bentman’s recent directorial ventures are ‘Texas Twister’ and ‘Andromeda 3,’ in which a space marine embarks on a mission to track down a secret weapon crucial for saving a dying galaxy. He also helmed ‘The Guardsmen’ trilogy. Before diving into space adventures, Bentman directed the crime comedy film ‘A Christmas Heist,’ which depicts the story of a desperate man plotting to rob a small-town bank on Christmas Eve.

Additionally, Bentman wrote and directed the sci-fi movie ‘Lifeforms,’ which presents the dilemma of an astronaut torn between a life of endless discovery in interstellar travel and the choice to return home to a doomed Earth and the woman he loves.

Recently, Blanco served as the filming location for productions such as ‘The Oldest Posse’ and ‘Showdown on the Brazos.’ Gainesville, on the other hand, has been featured as the backdrop for projects like ‘GoodBi’ and ‘All Underdogs Go to Heaven.’

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