Is the Cat Skidmark Real or CGI in Fear the Walking Dead?

The series finale of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ astounds the viewers with Alicia Clark’s return from her supposed death, along with Skidmark. When her mother Madison Clark asks her why she came towards them, Alicia replies that she wants to hand the cat over to his rightful owner. After the much-awaited union of the mother and daughter, the duo finds their allies, who are preparing to travel in distinct directions to help other survivors. Alicia then frees the cat, only for Daniel Salazar to reconnect with his long-lost pet. Skidmark is an unignorable part of Daniel’s storyline and he is as real as his cuteness!

The Feline Actor

Skidmark is a real cat. An animal actor named Raja Afghani plays him in the post-apocalyptic drama. Skidmark first appears in the fifth season of the show. It doesn’t take long for him to form a connection with Daniel and together, they start to disarm traps set by the previous owner of a warehouse where the latter seeks refuge. Upon learning about his new companion’s skills, Daniel puts a bell on the cat’s collar for him to distract the walkers, making it easier for the latter to kill them. Although Daniel then tries to part ways with him, Skidmark somehow remains with the former. He describes Skidmark as a “cat with serious behavioral issues.”

According to Daniel, Skidmark is also very strict about his schedules, especially concerning his meals. Daniel and Skidmark get separated in ‘End of the Line,’ the final episode of the fifth season. They eventually reunite in ‘Handle With Care,’ the tenth episode of the sixth season. However, the Texas nuclear explosions separate them again. In the series finale, Alicia reveals that she got Skidmark to Madison and expresses her wish to hand him over to Daniel. She succeeds in doing the same without Daniel knowing about her existence.

Raja Afghani is the pet of Austin-based CJ Champ. Around his fourteenth birthday, in June 2023, Raja retired from acting, seemingly after finishing filming the series finale. The retirement news was announced by Champ in a heartfelt post. “And then this one turned 14… My ‘firstborn child.’ I cannot remember an age where I was not trying to bring a cat home. I had to wait until I was 20 years old for the perfect one to walk into my life. And that’s pretty much how he did it. He just showed up one day. He has been by my side since the day we met, and he’s the only one of the pack who sleeps with me every night without fail,” Champ shared.

“I still can’t believe I got so lucky to live with one of the most famous and adored cats in the country (who has a fan base WITH fan art). I waited all my life for the most perfect cat, and I got him. Here’s to many more years of retirement, Raja!” Champ added. Raja was adored by his on-screen companion Rubén Blades, who plays Daniel in the show. He often got spotted in the filming sets of the show with Blades, occasionally enjoying a treat from the latter’s hand.

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