FUBAR Season 2 to be Shot in Toronto; Pre-Production Starts Next Month

The shooting of the second season of Netflix’s action-comedy series ‘FUBAR,’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, will commence in Toronto, Ontario. The pre-production work for the upcoming installment is set to begin next month. Creator Nick Santora continues to serve as the showrunner with Philip Abraham on board as a director.

In the concluding moments of the first season of the show, Luke, accompanied by his family and the CIA team, evades capture. Tina remains at the office, fielding mysterious phone calls. Despite initial tensions, the father-daughter duo of Luke and Emma manage to find a collaborative rhythm as CIA operatives, extending their cooperation into their family dynamics. The installment concludes with a cliffhanger involving Luke’s pursuit of his remarriage-bound ex-wife, Tally. The resolution of this romantic subplot and the enigmatic identity of Tina, who is revealed to be receiving covert Russian calls, are among the lingering questions awaiting answers.

Santora described the second season as “bananas,” promising “real fun surprises” for fans. The screenwriter further revealed that the new installment will delve into the revelation that Tina is working undercover, introducing the challenge of addressing a potential traitor within the team. Additionally, the consequences of the leaked secret identities will pose a threat to Luke, Emma, and their fellow agents.

Season 2 is also poised to tackle the unresolved love triangles from the first season, including Emma’s complicated relationship with Carter and Luke’s ongoing pursuit of winning back Tally from Donnie. While the narrative may involve dastardly villains and action sequences, the sophomore installment will likely heavily focus on the exploration of the intricate relationships shaped by the Brunners’ lives as secret agents as they try to deal with their past mistakes and navigate through the complexities of their personal lives.

Schwarzenegger is all set to return as Luke Brunner in the second season. Monica Barbaro will likely return as Luke’s daughter Emma, along with Milan Carter as Luke’s best friend and earpiece-connected agent Barry. The surviving CIA comrades Roo (Fortune Feimster) and Aldon (Travis Van Winkle) are expected to feature in the installment, having emerged unscathed from the Boro church showdown. Aparna Brielle’s involvement is uncertain following the ambiguous ending of the previous season, leaving her character Tina in the upcoming narrative a mystery. On the flip side, Gabriel Luna’s character Boro meets a definitive end in the first season, ruling out his return to the sophomore installment. With a void to fill, the new season of ‘FUBAR’ is expected to introduce another antagonist for Schwarzenegger’s Luke to confront.

The show’s executive producers include Santora, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Bill Bost, Adam Higgs, Scott Sullivan, and Holly Dale. Phil Abraham and the show’s lead performer Schwarzenegger are executive producers as well. A significant part of the first season of the series was shot in Toronto. The city serves as a filming location for Prime Video’s ‘Reacher’ and ‘The Boys.’

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