Good Grief Renewed For Season 2 at Bell Fibe TV1

Bell Fibe TV1 has renewed the comedy series ‘Good Grief’ for a second season. The filming of the installment has begun in Halifax. Amy Trefry continues to serve as the writer and director of the show.

In the first season of the series, Abigail reluctantly finds herself at odds with the supportive atmosphere of a bereavement group, spearheaded by the assertive Quinn. Their initial clash reveals an unexpected twist when the group learns that their gathering spot doubles as a vibrant drag bar. As the group debates the suitability of their meeting venue, Quinn steps in to assist Margaret with the bar’s financial woes, inadvertently sparking tension with Abigail. Despite their discord, the group rallies together to transform the bar for a crucial auction, leading to moments of personal growth for Abigail and risky decisions for Quinn. The success of the drag auction brings joy and reconciliation but uncertainties linger as the group awaits auction outcomes and Abigail faces an uncertain path forward without Quinn’s steadfast support.

In the upcoming installment, the viewers can anticipate a deeper exploration of the bonds forged within the bereavement group as they navigate new challenges and triumphs. With the drag bar’s future secured for now, the tensions between Abigail and Quinn are likely to simmer as they continue to redefine their roles within the group dynamic. As Abigail confronts her grief and embarks on a journey of self-discovery, the support and camaraderie of her newfound friends will possibly play a pivotal role in her healing process. Meanwhile, the group’s efforts to revitalize the bar and ensure its success are expected to bring about unforeseen obstacles and heartwarming moments of unity.

The first season of the show featured Mary-Colin Chisholm as Abigail, Katerina Bakolias as Quinn, and Mauralea Austin as Prudence. Sara Campbell portrayed Linda, while Renee Clark brought Sally to life on screen. Tyler Craig took on the role of Sara-Vix and Martha Irving appeared as Margaret. Bob Mann portrayed Jeremy as well. Most of these, if not all, main cast members are expected to feature in the sophomore installment.

Halifax, the main filming location of the series, is known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture. The region earlier hosted the shooting of ‘Chapelwaite’ and ‘Sullivan’s Crossing’ as well.

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