What Happens to Firat The Dog in In Good Hands?

‘In Good Hands’ is a Turkish family dramedy film that revolves around a single mother who gets diagnosed with a terminal illness and faces the reality of having to leave her six-year-old son behind. The central characters, Melisa and Can, live an idyllic life together as each other’s best friends. Therefore, once Melisa learns that she only has five months left to live, she must find a way to leave Can in a happy home. As a result, she finds herself navigating uncharted waters when her paths cross with Firat, an unlikely bachelor who shares a unique dynamic with the mother-son duo.

As the film charts the budding relationship between Melisa and Firat— and subsequently Can— the trio gains another four-legged member whom the young boy humorously names Firat, the dog. Consequently, as Melisa and her loved ones’ paths remain unpredictable, one can’t help but wonder what becomes of the newest pawed addition to the family. SPOILED AHEAD!

Firat The Dog Gains a Loving New Home

After Melisa learns about her terminal diagnosis, her son Can’s future well-being immediately takes top priority in her life. As a single mother without any close relations with her family, Melisa’s options for guardians remain slim. Even so, she’s weary of her best friend, Fatos’s half-joking advice to find a boyfriend and thus a new dad for the boy. Nevertheless, once her path accidentally crosses with Firat, her opinion on the matter changes. Something about the man draws Melisa to him despite his disastrous first meeting with her and Can at a coffee shop.

Nevertheless, after catching Firat’s attention at a club, Melisa reveals the truth about her situation to the man, unwilling to date him without putting all her cards on the table. Surprisingly, despite her terminal illness, Firat remains interested in the woman and starts spending time with her and her son. Still, he has to put in some work before he can win over Can, who remains generally displeased with Firat’s addition to his life. Consequently, after the man learns about the boy’s anti-social habits, he decides to take him to a dog shelter to pick out a dog.

Consequently, Can’s paths cross with a fluffy white puppy, who seems to hit it off with the boy. Although the dog’s adoption into the growing family is a miscommunication— since Firat mistakes Can’s request to invite another kid to his house as a request to take the puppy home with them— the dog ends up bringing much joy to the family. Still, Can decides to name the canine after Firat as a humorous comeback. Thus, Firat, the dog, becomes a constant companion by Firat, the human’s side.

Eventually, Firat, Melisa, and Can face new complications after the truth about Firat’s biological parental connection to Can comes out in the open. As it would turn out, Firat and Melisa hooked up once years ago before the man ghosted the woman. As a result, Can was born without a father. For the same reason, Melisa decided to give a relationship with Firat a try, wanting to leave Can with his father if possible. While Firat remains oblivious about the same— having forgotten his night with Melisa altogether— he ultimately steps into his role as Can’s father.

Therefore, by the end, as Melisa’s health worsens, she decides to leave Can with Firat, unwilling to allow her son to watch her die in time. As a result, Can is left to make a home with his new family, Firat, the human— his newfound friend who is actually his father— and Firat, the dog, his pawed pal. Firat, the dog, remains a part of this new family and finds his own four-legged footing with his new owners.

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