The Brothers Sun: Is Ka Spa a Real Korean Spa in LA?

Image Credit: Michael Desmond/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘The Brothers Sun’ follows the drama of the Sun family and how they try to rise above their dysfunction to protect each other from harm. Despite the differences between them, they always prioritize family, but things come close to falling apart when they have a meeting with the leader of the rival gang in Ka Spa. Considering the importance of the meeting, the location plays a pivotal role in how events turn out. Seeing how great a place it looks, the viewers might wonder if it’s a real spa in LA. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Ka Spa is a Fictional but Important Location in The Brothers Sun

Ka Spa is a fictional location created solely for the purpose of ‘The Brothers Sun.’ Considering the amount of action the location sees, we wouldn’t be wrong to assume that it was created as a set to serve the scene, which is one of the biggest turning points in the story. The Ka Spa falls into the Korean territory in LA and is, hence, considered a neutral territory by the Jade Dragons and the members of Sleepy Chan’s gang. Because Charles still believes that Sleepy Chan is behind the attacks, he wants the meeting to happen someplace where they won’t be free to make any moves, though Charles never promises the same for himself.

The spa also offers enough privacy for Sleepy Chan to have Bruce brought to his room, where they have an interesting chat, though Bruce has no idea what Sleepy Chan is saying because the latter talks in Mandarin when Bruce only has working knowledge of it at best. But then, the Boxers show up and start attacking everyone. This clears Charles’ doubts about Sleepy Chan’s involvement in the attack against his father but poses far more serious problems.

The Boxers anticipated the arrival of Sleepy Chan and had been hiding out in Ka Spa to attack Sleepy Chan and the members of his gang, along with Charles. As a result, a deadly fight ensues, with Charles fending off attacks while trying to make sure that his brother is safe. In the end, however, the Boxers prove to be more tenacious than he’d imagined, and one of them blows themselves up along with the spa.

To film these scenes, which require the set to be blown to bits in the end, the production would have had to create a custom set that resembled a spa to give the audience a sense of their surroundings while also making it easier for the show’s creators to film the fight scenes, which are grueling as is. Moreover, they couldn’t have destroyed a real-life spa to film those scenes, which is why we can say that Ka Spa is entirely made up from scratch to support the narrative of ‘The Brothers Sun.’

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