Kevin Lewis to Direct Mena Suvari and Scout Taylor-Compton’s The Manor

Kevin Lewis has rounded out the cast of his next feature! Mena Suvari and Scout Taylor-Compton have joined the feature film ‘The Manor.’ They will star alongside Jeff Chase and Neal McDonough. Shooting for the project will start in Spain in the spring. Written by Slavica Bogdanov, the movie revolves around a man who accidentally kills a young girl, only to receive a strange invitation to a secluded manor.

Lewis’s most recent directorial work is ‘Oak,’ a horror movie in which a group of teenagers dare each other to touch a cursed oak tree, only for one of them to disappear and another to develop a mysterious rash on her palm, sparking a battle for survival. He helmed ‘The Accursed,’ another horror film in which Elly (Sarah Grey) agrees to look after an elderly woman (Meg Foster) in a remote cabin, only to experience terrifying hallucinations that blur the lines between reality and nightmares, revealing a demonic presence lurking within. Additionally, Lewis directed Nicholas Cage’s ‘Willy’s Wonderland,’ a horror comedy that follows a quiet drifter who is trapped in a battle for survival against demonic animatronics while working as a janitor in an abandoned amusement park.

Suvari appeared in ‘Prey,’ in which she portrayed Sue, a young woman who is forced to flee her Christian missionary station in the Kalahari Desert after being threatened by an extremist militant gang. The ‘American Beauty’ fame portrayed Kendra in ‘Breakwater,’ in which a young ex-convict risks everything to locate the estranged daughter of a fellow inmate, unwittingly inviting a dangerous figure from her past into their lives.

Taylor-Compton’s recent credits include Annie in ‘Model House,’ a horror thriller that follows a group of models who are terrorized by intruders while staying in a secluded house for the night. The actress played Star in Thomas Walton’s ‘They Turned Us Into Killers,’ a crime thriller that revolves around Karma’s suicide after being assaulted by her boyfriend, BJ, only for Star to seek revenge by hunting down the killer and his brothers, torturing them while reading Karma’s suicide letter before taking their lives one by one. The actress is best known for portraying Laurie Strode in the ‘Halloween’ franchise.

McDonough appeared as Bart in the Western film ‘Outlaw Posse,’ which revolves around an outlaw returning from Mexico to claim stolen gold hidden in the Montana hills in 1908. He also appeared as Skip in ‘Holiday Twist,’ a heartwarming family romantic comedy that explores themes of overcoming adversity and embarking on a magical journey to save Christmas. Additionally, the actor was a part of the cast of projects such as ‘The Shift’ and ‘Soul Mates.’

Spain is a popular filming location in Europe that has hosted the shooting of several high-profile Hollywood productions, including Apple TV+’s ‘Argylle’ and Netflix’s ‘Damsel.’

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