Letterkenny Tribute: Who is Gus?

The twelfth and final season of Hulu’s sitcom concludes with a tribute to Gus. At the end of the season, which marks the culmination of the saga of the Letterkenny residents, Wayne and others get together to celebrate Stewart and Roald’s party. The people who attend the party see the occasion as a celebration of life in Letterkenny. However, there is a notable absentee among them: none other than Gus, a dog who features in the earlier seasons of the series. Several dogs feature in the twelve installments of the sitcom but Gus is a stand out among them!

Jared Keeso’s Gus

Gus was the dog of Jared Keeso, the creator, co-developer, lead actor, and one of the executive producers of the sitcom. Gus features in several episodes of the series along with Keeso, who plays Wayne. In the series, “Gus N’ Bru” is the name of the preferred whiskey of the Hicks. When Wayne owns a dog, he names him after the dog on the label of his favorite drink. Gus passed away a few years ago, most possibly due to natural causes. “[…] Gus, the dear sweet Gusser, remembered forever in funko form, which I think is quite lovely,” K. Trevor Wilson, who plays Squirrelly Dan, said while unboxing an action figure of Wayne and Gus.

Gus was a favorite among the makers of ‘Letterkenny.’ The cast members often spent their time with him in between takes while filming the sitcom. “Last day of #Letterkenny feat Gus and Jacob,” Michelle Mylett, who portrays Katy, shared along with a photo of Jacob Tierney (Glen) playing with Gus. The dog was an extremely significant part of Keeso’s life. “I was living in an apartment with my then girlfriend and my dog. One is a babe. The other is a pit bull. They made an extremely attractive pair,” he told The Huffington Post B.C.

Sharing his life with Gus made Keeso advocate for the need to protect pit bulls. “Pit bulls need less idiots breeding them and then selling them to other idiots. Buying a puppy is bringing a beating heart into your home. Like a child, you need to monitor them and make adjustments based on their energy level, temperament, and bad habits,” he added. He also organized a “Babes & Bully Breeds” calendar to raise $3,000 for HugABull, an organization that promotes the adoption of pit bulls.

The fans of the sitcom adored Gus. “Whenever I’m feeling down, I just think about Jared Keeso and his dog. ‘Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? Gus is a good boy,’” a fan shared on Reddit. “If I were Jared Keeso, it would have been a no-brainer to include Gus. That damn dog is a true actor. Those facial expressions are priceless,” shared another fan.

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