Is Lifetime’s Secret Life of a Sorority Girl a True Story?

In Lifetime’s ‘Secret Life of a Sorority Girl,’ we get introduced to a single mother named Cheryl who gets shocked and infuriated when she finds out that her daughter Ashley works as a pole dancer at a nightclub in order to pay her college tuition fees. The mother and daughter get involved in a huge argument as the former threatens to disown her. Following the fight, Ashley goes missing and Cheryl regrets fighting with her daughter. When even the police aren’t of any help, Cheryl decides to gain the trust of the dancers and patrons working at the nightclub her daughter worked in. Once she gets a job there, she manages to gain the trust of bartender Jake.

Ultimately, Jake agrees to help Cheryl find Ashley. As they spend more time together, the single mother falls head over heels in love with Jake. Later, she learns that it is Rick, Jake’s brother, who has been keeping her daughter hostage. Expecting help from Jake, Cheryl gets played and ends up in the basement with Ashley as Jake refuses to go against his brother. The thriller drama movie features impressive performances from Jessica Morris, Philip Boyd, and Jessica Lynn Wallace, and shares some similarities with real life.

Secret Life of a Sorority Girl is Not Inspired by a True Story

Many of you might not be surprised that ‘Secret Life of a Sorority Girl’ is not based on a true story. As a matter of fact, the incredible Scotty Mullen is the brain behind the Lifetime production, as his creative mind and excellent penmanship helped him come up with the gripping tale. While touching upon some real-life themes and elements, such as teens or young adults working to support their education, the screenwriter manages to link a fictional tale with reality quite smoothly, making many of you connect some aspects of the story to real life.

Real life is replete with examples that are pretty close to what happens in the movie. For instance, on July 27, 2023, Alix Dorsainvil and her young child were abducted from the El Roi compound outside of Port-au-Prince, and held hostage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, for a couple of weeks. Soon after the abduction, negotiations to free the mother and daughter began. Fortunately, both of them were freed and brought to safety successfully, while the Department of State warned the citizens that such violent crimes were common and advised them to take all safety measures.

A movie that is based on a similar theme of kidnapping and a search mission as ‘Secret Life of a Sorority Girl’ is the 2023 drama movie ‘Buying Back My Daughter.’ Helmed by Troy Scott, it focuses on a couple who take matters into their own hands when their 16-year-old daughter vanishes unexpectedly. As they dig deeper, they soon find out that she is kept for sale in an escort ad online. Then, they come up with a plan to buy her from the trafficker. While the abducted daughters in ‘Secret Life of a Sorority Girl’ and ‘Buying Back My Daughter’ are in different situations, it is their parents who try to do everything in their power to get their daughters out of trouble. All these aspects tend to make many of you find parallels between the Lifetime film and reality, which makes it seem like it is based on reality when it is not.

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