BBC’s Mammoth Season 2 Starts Filming in Cardiff in January

The wildly hilarious Mammoth will once again head to Wales for new adventures! The principal photography for the second season of BBC’s sitcom ‘Mammoth’ will start in the Welsh capital city of Cardiff in January 2025. Mike Bubbins, who created the show, continues to write the episodes with Paul Doolan.

The four-episode inaugural season follows Tony Mammoth (Bubbins), a 1970s PE teacher who miraculously returns to life after being frozen in an avalanche during a school trip in 1979. As he attempts to reintegrate into modern society, he struggles to adapt to the new norms, such as connecting with his new boss, a lesbian, and with his daughter Mel, who is now the mother of one of his students. The series humorously explores Mammoth’s attempts to reclaim his old life in a drastically changed world, blending nostalgic references with contemporary social challenges.

The first installment concludes with Mammoth starting to accept the strange new ways of the era and deciding to make amends for his past behavior. He supports Lucy’s fertility treatment against a disapproving community and, after the death of a close friend, resolves not to face life’s twilight years alone. Determined to find companionship, Mammoth ventures into the modern dating scene, ending up trying online dating. The sophomore season is expected to present more hurdles in the way of the teacher who struggles to come to terms with his surroundings, with his 1970s worldview clashing hilariously with contemporary norms, promising more laughs and heartfelt moments.

The original cast is expected to return for more adventures, led by Bubbins as the titular character. He is a well-known stand-up comedian from Wales who is famous for his unscripted exploits on radio, podcasts, and game shows. He has also appeared as Wyn in the mockumentary sitcom ‘Tourist Trap.’

Sian Gibson, who plays Mammoth’s daughter Mel, is known for co-writing and starring as Kayleigh Kitson in ‘Peter Kay’s Car Share.’ Her recent projects include ‘The Power of Parker’ and ‘Murder, They Hope.’ Joel Davison stars as Mel’s son Theo in his first major role, while Joseph Marcell, best known for playing Geoffrey Butler in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,’ plays the teacher’s long-suffering best friend Roger. The veteran actor also appears in ‘Queenie’ and ‘Grandad Wilfred.’

The return of ‘Mammoth’ was recently announced at the BBC Comedy Festival in Glasgow. Bubbins expressed his gratitude toward the audience for their response, stating, “They’ve clearly got great taste!” With production set to get underway in early 2025, further casting announcements are expected to follow.

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is one of the most stunning cities in the UK. For the first season, the production department utilized Bubbins’ previous workplace, a primary school, as a shooting location. The Welsh capital has hosted the filming of numerous shows, including ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘A Discovery of Witches,’ and ‘His Dark Materials,’ as well as Sony’s upcoming superhero film ‘Kraven the Hunter.’

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