NBC Pilot ‘Grosse Pointe Garden Society’ Begins Filming in Atlanta in April

The NBC pilot ‘Grosse Pointe Garden Society’ is set to commence filming in Atlanta in April. Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs are set to serve as the writers for this upcoming project. In ‘Grosse Pointe Garden Society,’ the plot revolves around four individuals belonging to a suburban garden club, each hailing from a background. As they navigate the challenges of their ordinary lives, unexpected events unfold, leading them into a world of murder and mischief that disrupts their quest for a conventional existence.

Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs have previously teamed up on the TV series ‘Good Girls,’ where Bans served as the primary creator. ‘Good Girls’ unfolds as a comedy-drama series, chronicling the lives of three suburban mothers thrust into unforeseen dire circumstances. Faced with desperation, they bravely choose to cast aside caution, venturing into risky territory to reclaim control and assert their newfound strength. They first collaborated on the ABC drama ‘The Family’ in 2016 before working together on ‘Good Girls.’ The show aired for four seasons on NBC and gained popularity on Netflix after its broadcast run, leading to discussions about moving it to the streaming platform, although ultimately unsuccessful.

Jenna Bans has an extensive body of work, including writing the TV movie ‘Sea of Fire,’ which explores the repercussions when three small-town teenage girls become involved in a pornographic film, causing familial turmoil, disappearances, murders, and a host of hidden secrets in their community. She has also contributed episodes to well-known shows such as ‘Scandal,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and ‘Desperate Housewives.’ In addition, Bans served as the creator of the drama series ‘Off The Map,’ depicting U.S. doctors working at a remote South American clinic as they search for the true motivations behind their medical careers. Bill Krebs’ writing credits extend across multiple television series, encompassing episodes for ‘No Tomorrow,’ ‘Red Band Society,’ ‘Franklin & Bash,’ ‘Workaholics,’ and ‘Ugly Americans.’

‘Grosse Pointe Garden Society’ is the latest addition to NBC’s pilot lineup, joining ‘Suits: LA’ and a multi-camera comedy featuring Reba McEntire. Filming for the show is scheduled to commence in Atlanta in April. Notably, Atlanta has been a prime location for recent productions such as ‘Mea Culpa’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.’

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