Scrublands: Is Oasis an Actual Bookshop and Café in Australia?

Martin Scarsden’s investigation into Father Byron Swift’s murders starts with his visit to Oasis, the local bookstore and café, in Sundance Now/AMC+’s thriller series ‘Scrublands.’ Martin’s intention of writing a puff piece about the murders’ aftermath changes when Oasis’ owner, Mandy Bond, partially convinces him to dig deeper into the crimes. Martin’s interaction with Mandy makes Oasis a major part of his stay in the Australian town of Riversend. Even though the book café is technically fictional, just like the region, the store space did exist as a bookshop in real life!

Oasis Bookshop & Café’s Real-Life Counterpart

The first season of ‘Scrublands’ was primarily filmed in Maldon, a small town in the state of Victoria in Australia. The scenes set in Oasis Bookshop & Café were shot in The Book Wolf, a local bookstore that operated in the town until March last year. Oasis’ unique 19th-century appearance mirrors the appearance of not only The Book Wolf but also the entire town. The real-life bookstore was run by an individual named Mike, who “always wanted to work in a bookshop.” Mike’s store was located at 1/26 High Street in Maldon.


The Book Wolf was a favorite among Maldon’s residents. “It’s only a little bookstore but has a wonderful old-timey feel, and a decent selection of books,” a local guide named Asha Somers shared about the shop. “[I] dropped into this absolutely magic bookshop in Maldon and have never felt so instantly comfortable in a space in my whole life. [There are] so many beautiful books, armchairs & a chalkboard to doodle on. Bliss,” a Melbourne-based artist named Geo wrote about the establishment.

Even though Oasis has a real-life counterpart, the show’s viewers won’t be able to visit the store. Sadly in March 2023, Mike announced that the month marked the final chapter in the bookshop’s existence. “With a heavy heart (and just a sniff of liberation), The Book Wolf enters its final trading week. Please visit to grab a final bargain or just to pass the time, and accept my thanks for your love and support over the past almost six years,” the store owner shared on March 25, 2023.

The townsfolk expressed their sadness in bidding adieu to the store to Mike. “Glad I got to visit a few times. It really was more than a bookshop; so welcoming & comfortable,” a customer shared. “We’ll definitely miss your wonderful shop… All towns need a quality bookshop like yours… It is Maldon’s loss,” wrote another. In the series, Oasis is an integral part of the narrative. Through the store, the show introduces the viewers to Katherine Bond, Mandy’s mother, and her love for books. The second-hand books in the store were once owned by Katherine, who also formed a bond with Father Byron.

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