OWN Orders 24 Karat Christmas by Winnifred Jong

OWN is preparing for a glittering holiday season! The network has ordered the romantic drama ’24 Karat Christmas.’ With Winnifred Jong at the helm, cameras have started rolling for the television film on May 27 in Ottawa, Ontario. The plot of the TV movie revolves around a game designer and a jeweler teaming up to locate missing engagement rings, leading to unexpected romance blossoming between them along the way.

Jong’s recent directorial work includes episodes of Apple TV+’s adventure series ‘Jane,’ which centers on Jane Garcia and her team’s efforts to safeguard endangered animals. She has also directed an episode of ‘Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent,’ which follows elite investigators tackling corruption and high-level criminality in the Greater Toronto Area. Her other popular television credits extend to the crime drama series ‘Wild Cards.’

In Jong’s TV movie ‘Christmas Revisited,’ old college friends gather at a remote mountain cabin to honor their deceased friend’s life, only to confront unresolved secrets and lingering resentments, prompting introspection and potential reconciliation amid the holiday season. Her other Christmas-themed movies include ‘The Christmas Detective,’ featuring Kate Bennett’s journey from a pageant career to becoming a private investigator as she collaborates with police detective Derek “Oak” Oakley to unravel an art gallery theft before Christmas, demonstrating her investigative prowess and determination to pursue her dreams.

As far as OWN’s lineup for the upcoming holiday season is concerned, one standout project is ‘Mistletoe and Matrimony,’ a charming TV movie set to enter production in Hamilton, Ontario. This delightful tale follows a wedding planner who faces a whirlwind challenge when her sister asks for help to organize a Christmas Eve wedding with just two weeks’ notice. As she juggles the chaos of last-minute preparations, unexpected complications arise when her ex re-enters the picture. While details about the cast and crew are still under wraps, audiences can look forward to a heartwarming story that captures the spirit of the season.

Ottawa has served as the filming location for festive movies such as ‘My Grown-Up Christmas List’ and ‘Catch Me If You Claus.’

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