Palm Royale: Is West Palm Beach Prince of Luxembourg Luxury Towers a Scam?

‘Palm Royale’ follows Maxine Dellacorte-Simmons’ exploits in Palm Beach, wherein she attempts to carve a place for herself with the elite high society, frequenting the eponymous country club. In her quest, the woman is aided by her equally opportunistic husband, Douglas, who was ran out of his family for his life choices and has managed to weasel his way back into the Dellacorte name due to the declining health of his aunt, Norma— Palm Beach’s queen bee. While Maxine’s lucrative ambitions lie in hosting the biggest social event of the year, The Beach Ball, in Norma’s stead, Douglas sets his sights on a too-good-to-be-true real estate opportunity.

However, as Douglas collaborates with Perry Donahue to erect their Prince of Luxembourg Luxury Towers in Palm Beach, there’s a distinct air of something going amiss. As such, while everything else falls apart for the Dellacorte-Simmons, one can’t help but wonder if the man’s investment opportunities are really a scam in disguise. SPOILERS AHEAD!

West Palm Beach’s Prince of Luxembourg Luxury Towers: A Doomed Business Venture

Perry Donahue initially ropes Douglas into investing in his real estate deal through consistent casual meetings, during which the former draws up grand dreams and aspirations for his condo business in West Palm Beach. Douglas– given his tendency to jump into things— gets easily swept up in Perry’s promises of grandeur, showcasing his eagerness to combine forces. As a result, more funds begin trickling out of the Dellacorte accounts as numerous cheques are written to different people. Considering Douglas and Maxine’s money has an eternal caveat of Norma’s sickness, the man’s business investments remain a risky venture.

Nevertheless, Perry Donahue is a convincing business partner. As a result, he somehow gets hold of the Prince of Luxembourg, an enigmatic French man interested in becoming an investor and an ambassador for the condo business. Thus, the idea of the Prince of Luxembourg Luxury Towers is actualized. However, while the project is still underway, a big revelation arrives that threatens to unravel Douglas and Perry’s shady hard work. Linda Shaw, the local Palm Royale defect turned activist, gets her hands on Norma’s coveted Rolodex that holds blackmail material on nearly every Palm Beach resident and beyond.

Consequently, Linda’s activist group, The Sisterhood, decides to use some of the information within the Rolodex to bring real-life social change— starting with the less-than-legal business practices of Perry Donahue. As it would turn out, Perry has been known to “grease some palms,” bribing and paying off his way through several previous real estate investments and developments. Eventually, these unethical methods contributed to a condo collapse scandal. Unsurprisingly, the man has been equipping the same practices for his Luxury Towers condo deal. Therefore, after Linda and her friends covertly release the information to the authorities, the Feds are quick to knock on Perry and Douglas’ doors.

Moreover, while the feds are investigating both individuals, Maxine learns the harsh truth about the Prince of Luxembourg, who is actually a scammer committing identity theft. Consequently, the revelation implies Perry’s Luxury Towers were bound to fail even before the feds got involved. Ultimately, with Perry and the fake prince under FBI custody— due to their past involvements in similar scandals— and Douglas barely escaping the same fate, the condo deal seems to have run its unfortunate course, having scammed the Dellacortes out of thousands of dollars.

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