PBS’ ‘Bookish’ Begins Filming in Belgium and York in the Spring

Another detective series, ‘Bookish,’ from the creator of ‘Sherlock,’ is on its way! The show will air on PBS in the US and Alibi in the UK. The filming of the show is set to begin in Belgium and York, England, in the spring. As revealed earlier, the series is written by Mark Gatiss, who also headlines the cast. Polly Walker will star alongside Gatiss, along with Joely Richardson, Daniel Mays, Jonas Nay, Connor Finch, Elliot Levey, and Buket Kömür. Matthew Sweet serves as the co-writer, with Carolina Giammetta on board as the director. The show will release in 2025.

Set in post-war London in 1946, the narrative revolves around Gabriel Book (Gatiss), an unconventional detective with a keen intellect. Operating from his antiquated bookshop, he unravels perplexing cases by delving into the vast knowledge contained within the thousands of books adorning his shelves. Alongside him are a motley crew of endearing yet flawed individuals whom he safeguards and guides, forming a unique bond as they navigate through life’s complexities.

Walker will portray Book’s vibrant wife Trottie. She exudes charisma and a sense of adventure, running a neighboring wallpaper shop. Despite their deep emotional bond, theirs is a “lavender” marriage, serving as a cover for Book’s life as a gay man. Among other core cast members, Finch will appear as Jack, Elliot Levey will portray Inspector Bliss, and Buket Kömür will play Nora. Every case in the series will unfold in two 70-minute episodes, combining post-war nostalgia with the spirited and life-affirming ambiance of the era.

Gatiss starred as John Gielgud in National Theatre’s ‘The Motive and the Cue,’ which delves into the Broadway staging of Hamlet by acting legends Burton and Gielgud in 1964. He also featured in ‘3 Body Problem’ and ‘Good Omens.’ In ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,’ he portrayed the head of the NSA.

Additionally, in ‘A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story,’ Gatiss took on the role of Jacob Marley while also contributing as a writer. The adaptation follows Ebenezer Scrooge, visited by Marley’s ghost, who offers a chance at redemption through introspection guided by the spirits of Christmas. His recent credits as a writer include projects such as ‘Lot No. 249,’ ‘Count Magnus,’ and ‘The Mezzotint.’

Walker recently portrayed Lady Portia Featherington in the historical drama series ‘Bridgerton.’ She also appeared in ‘Pennyworth,’ which depicts the origin story of Alfred Pennyworth, in which she portrayed Peggy Sykes. In ‘Cursed,’ she took on the role of Lady Lunete, a teenage sorceress embarking on a quest to find a powerful ancient sword and encountering a young Arthur along the way. Walker’s recent credits include roles in shows such as ‘Line of Duty,’ ‘Age Before Beauty,’ and ‘Paranoid.’

Belgium is a preferred backdrop as far as historical productions are concerned. The country previously hosted the shooting of the acclaimed anti-war film ‘All Quiet on the Western Front.’ York, on the other hand, is a significant location of several detective shows such as Netflix’s ‘Bodies.’

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