Peter O’Fallon Returns to Feature Filmmaking With ‘Stacks’

Image Credit: IMDb

After a 24-year hiatus from feature filmmaking, Peter O’Fallon is taking a break from television to return to the world of cinema! He is all set to direct the drama movie ‘Stacks,’ based on a screenplay by Maureen Mahon. The movie’s filming is scheduled to commence on July 15 and conclude by August 28 in Oklahoma.

The plot revolves around an awkward teenager who finds himself stranded in a small town after his alcoholic mother crashes their car and gets arrested. His exceptional culinary talents earn him acceptance and local renown until the discovery of his secret ingredient threatens to unravel everything.

O’Fallon’s last feature was the drama film ‘A Rumor of Angels,’ starring Vanessa Redgrave and Ray Liotta, which explores a young boy’s journey to cope with the loss of his mother with the help of an elderly woman. He then co-created the FX comedy series ‘Legit,’ following Jim Jefferies and his friends as they navigate the complexities of being good people. Additionally, O’Fallon created the sci-fi show ‘Mysterious Ways,’ which revolves around anthropology professor Declan Dunn’s pursuit of miracles and wonders, supported by his grounded friend, psychiatrist Peggy Fowler.

Over the years, O’Fallon has been busy directing episodes of various popular shows. His recent works include episodes of Paramount+’s ‘The Game,’ which offers a contemporary exploration of Black culture within the realm of professional football. His credits include series such as Netflix’s ‘Firefly Lane,’ BET’s ‘American Soul,’ and Lifetime’s ‘UnREAL.’ Additionally, he has contributed to acclaimed productions like Fox’s ‘House’ and ‘Prison Break.’

Mahon’s previous works include appearances in an episode of ‘House,’ Richard Elfman’s ‘Shrunken Heads,’ and the Western series ‘Lucky Luke.’ Additionally, she has contributed as a writer and director for the TV special ‘Elepalooza!’

Oklahoma has recently served as the filming location for projects such as ‘American Underdog’ and the horror movie ‘Model House.’

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