Does Rex The Dog Die in A Killer Paradox? [Spoiler]

‘A Killer Paradox,’ the Netflix Kdrama, follows the story of a gifted killer, Lee Tang, who has a penchant for recognizing evil people and delivering untraceable retribution upon them. However, once he expands his operation and begins strategically leaving a string of bodies, he catches the attention of Detective Nan-gam Kang. Having previously witnessed people doling out unlawful justice, Nan-gam begins pursuing Lee, intent on figuring out his crime. Meanwhile, the young man continues his vigilante actions even as it attracts unwanted attention from another deadlier ex-cop, Song Chon.

In charting this tale of cosmic reckoning and its accompanying moral guilt, the show also finds the time to bring the narrative focus on a few side characters and their stories. Rex, the dog whose owner ends up becoming one of Lee’s targets, remains one such character, periodically showing up within the storyline. Therefore, given the dog’s uncertain predicament, fans must be curious to know whether or not Rex makes it out of the story alive. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Rex The Dog Finds a Happy Ending

Rex’s involvement in the plot begins with Lee’s very first murder, wherein he kills a guy in a dark alleyway. However, Lee never tries to ensure a lack of witnesses to his unmeditated crime since a surge of reckless anger brings on his actions. As such, a partially blind woman, Yeo-ok, and her service dog, Rex, end up catching the man in the act. Nevertheless, the woman feigns ignorance and walks away from the scene.

Still, Yeo-ok eventually decides to exploit the opportunity and extort Lee for money after Rex brings her the hammer that the man left behind at the crime scene. Nonetheless, the plan backfires on Yeo-ok by putting her immorality on Lee’s radar. Consequently, after Yeo-ok’s death, Rex loses his home, even becoming an unwitting and unblamed accomplice in covering up Lee’s murder by covering all the evidence in Yeo-ok’s apartment with his saliva.

Once the cops begin looking into Yeo-ok’s case, they attempt to rehome Rex to Yeo-ok’s family. However, due to the woman’s crimes— murdering her parents for their insurance money— her extended family wants nothing to do with her dog. For the same reason, Rex also loses his appeal at the shelter, compelling authorities to consider the idea of putting him down. However, after Chung-ji, the cop in charge of the dog gets stabbed, Rex goes MIA for a while.

Eventually, detective Nan-gam Kang runs into Rex, who still haunts Yeo-ok’s abandoned crime scene of a house. Therefore, he takes him in to properly feed and house the dog. Still, he’s unwilling to fully adopt him, believing a jaded cop’s life to be detrimental for a dog. Even so, deep down, Nan-gam is simply afraid to open himself up to anyone— even a dog— due to his unresolved and contentious relationship with his father.

For the same reason, Nan-gam attempts to enter Rex into a shelter. Nonetheless, the dog’s training goes sideways, leaving the shelter officials no choice except to put him down since his connection to a murder crime and aggressive tendencies decrease his chances of adoption. However, as the show comes to an end, Nan-gam receives closure about his father’s life and death. Thus, the man is less hesitant about the idea of a four-legged companion.

As a result, the end finds Nan-gam rescuing Rex from the shelter in the nick of time. From there, the detective gives in to the bond he shares with the dog and adopts him. Ultimately, Rex finds a loving home with Nan-gam.

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