Robin Comisar to Direct ‘The Green’ for Scott Free and Searchlight

Robin Comisar is set to direct the drama film ‘The Green’ for Scott Free Productions and Searchlight Pictures. The filming of the project is scheduled to start in New York and Toronto on an undisclosed date. Colin Bannon penned the movie.

The plot revolves around Frank Weatherbee, who reluctantly comes back to the family farm to assist his estranged brother in handling the aftermath of their abusive father’s death. As they navigate through the complexities of grief and family ties, long-buried secrets resurface, revealing that the specter of their father’s cruelty continues to haunt them, even beyond the grave.

Robin’s short film ‘Great Choice’ premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, earning him a producing deal for the full-length adaptation of the acclaimed project. The horror-comedy also secured the Best Short award at the Overlook Film Festival. The short revolves around a woman trapped in a Red Lobster commercial. Additionally, his other short ‘Mom Died’ explores the theme of coping with loss in a poignant and impactful manner.

Bannon’s previous works include writing and directing ‘Love Conquers Paul.’ The plot revolves around Paul, a twenty-something recluse harboring a secret. As a people-watcher, he lives vicariously through others, using his trusty video camera as a shield from reality. Paul stages “chance encounters” with the women of his dreams, delving into their lives for fleeting moments of connection. However, his lack of self-confidence prevents him from progressing beyond these staged encounters. A genuine meeting with the free-spirited artist Esoterica sparks Paul’s first passionate relationship, challenging his perspective on love and life. Despite the initial sizzle, Paul discovers Esoterica harbors a secret of her own, adding complexity to their fairy-tale romance.

New York is a significant location for last year’s prominent films such as ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ and ‘Past Lives,’ while Toronto previously hosted the production of projects such as ‘Priscilla’ and ‘Dream Scenario.’

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