Roommate Regret: Is the Lifetime Movie Inspired by a True Story?

In Lifetime’s ‘Roommate Regret,’ we get introduced to a young homeowner who decides to make something out of her spare bedroom and get some extra profit through rent. When a handsome yet mysterious British music producer ends up taking the bedroom for rent, things begin to turn dangerous for her. Little did she know that his charming demeanor is just a facade for his violent tendencies and he can go to extreme lengths to get what he wants.

Originally titled ‘Bad Tenant,’ the Peter Foldy directorial is a mystery thriller movie that is brought to life by the impressive performances from a group of talented actors, including Maryana Dvorska, Veronica Long, Josh Cole, Lee Perkins, Sam Benjamin, and Laura Dennis. Some seemingly realistic subject matters, such as a deceiving roommate, tend to bring the viewers under the impression that the story is inspired by a real-life incident.

Roommate Regret is Not Based on a True Story

While Lifetime is known for producing real-life stories occasionally, ‘Roommate Regret’ doesn’t happen to be one of them; it is completely fictional. Having said that, you might find parallels with real life in this shocking but believable story.

For instance, in February 2024, Nicholas Jordan was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in connection to the shooting death of his roommate Samuel Knopp and a 26-year-old woman named Celie Rain Montgomery. According to reports, the Detroit-based suspect was taken into custody when he was found in a vehicle. Moreover, Nicholas’ bond increased to $5 million during his brief court appearance. In another instance, Ji Min Sha allegedly stabbed his Purdue University dormitory roommate Varun Manish Chheda on his neck and head with a folding knife in October 2022.

The two roommates used to reside in McCutcheon Hall on Purdue’s West Lafayette campus. Soon, Sha was arrested and charged with the murder of Varun. But while in jail, reports of Sha having hallucinations and delusional thoughts postponed the date of his trial. These real-life instances of roommates resorting to extreme violence are highlighted in the Lifetime film.

There have also been several movies and TV shows that focus on similar themes and elements, including the 2011 thriller film ‘The Roommate.’ Directed by Christian E. Christiansen, the narrative focuses on two roommates — Sara and Rebecca. Unaware of the fact that Rebecca is obsessed with Sara, the latter becomes close to her. Sooner rather than later, their friendship turns dangerous for people in Sara’s life as Rebecca begins to target her loved ones. Starring Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, Cam Gigandet, Danneel Harris, Matt Lanter, and Aly Michalka, the film has quite a few similarities in plotlines and characters with ‘Roommate Regret,’ keeping the viewers under the impression that it has something to do with real-life when it doesn’t.

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