GAF’s ‘Royal Christmas Ball’ Begins Filming in Hamilton

Hamilton will light up for GAF’s ‘Royal Christmas Ball’ soon! The telefilm’s filming will begin on April 29 in the Ontario city. Don McBrearty is helming the project with a screenplay by Marcy Holland. Previously, it was revealed that Danica McKellar and Oliver Rice will lead the cast.

The plot revolves around Chelsea Jones (McKellar), a Chicago-based dance instructor and studio owner who empowers children through dance. Shortly before Christmas, Chelsea stumbles upon a photo depicting a young woman. She believes that the photo belongs to her late birth mother who passed away when she was only five years old. The woman is in a wedding dress tugging on a man’s hand, but that is all that can be seen of the man Chelsea believes may be her father. The photo’s handwritten inscription reads, “Our place, Havenshire, December 23, 1984.”

As the narrative progresses, with only the internet, a plane ticket, and lifelong determination to go on, Chelsea now has four days in Havenshire to solve the mystery of her birth family. Along the way, she’ll have to sneak into a castle, teach a stubborn Prince how to dance, and be in the right place on Christmas Eve when the bells toll.

McBrearty’s latest directorial project, ‘Royally Yours, This Christmas,’ revolves around a royal prince who finds love with a single mother and hotel housekeeper during the festive season, mistakenly assuming she is a wealthy hotel guest. He helmed ‘Christmas on Windmill Way,’ in which Mia Meijer anticipates her Mimi will win the Dutch Bake-Off competition at the Christmas Market Fest with her acclaimed Kerststol, only for the latter to have unsettling news to reveal.

In ‘A Royal Date for Christmas,’ McKellar portrayed Bella Sparks, who runs Bella’s Boutique, and discovers that her client, Stefan, is the Duke of Tangford. She also starred in ‘Swing Into Romance’ as Christine Sims, a former dancer who returns to her hometown to save her family’s store and possibly find love. Her credits include ‘Christmas at the Drive-In’ and ‘The Winter Palace.’

Rice recently portrayed Chris in ‘Magic in Mistletoe,’ which follows Harrington, an author who returns to his hometown for a Christmas festival accompanied by April, a publicist from his publishing house. His other recent credits include shows like ‘So Help Me Todd,’ ‘The Irrational,’ and ‘Firefly Lane.’

Hamilton has hosted the shooting of several Christmas-themed productions such as ‘How to Fall in Love by Christmas,’ ‘Take Me Back for Christmas,’ and ‘The Fabric of Christmas.’

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