Ruby and the Well Renewed For Season 4 at BYUtv

BYUtv has officially renewed ‘Ruby and the Well’ for a fourth season. The filming of the new season is set to take place in Toronto, Ontario. However, the production schedule has not been revealed yet. The fantasy series follows “Ruby, a present-day teenager, who is forced to move to Emerald after her father, Daniel, inherits an orchard. While exploring the property, Ruby finds a wishing well and is shown a wish that she must help fulfill,” as per the official synopsis.

“As a newcomer to the town Ruby has a hard time knowing whom to trust. However, she quickly befriends two locals: Sam and Mina. With their knowledge of the town and her ability to reach out to others Ruby just might be able to bring the town of Emerald out of the economic depression it has been stuck in for years,” the synopsis reads further.

Toronto is a significant filming location of the previous seasons of the show as well. The city, renowned as “Hollywood North,” has a thriving film and television industry that makes it the ideal choice for the production of a variety of projects. Previously, films and shows like ‘You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah,’ ‘Prison Break, ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ ‘Good Will Hunting,’ and ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ were also filmed in Toronto.

‘Ruby and the Well’ was created by LeeAnne H. Adams and Brian J. Adams. The duo is also known for creating the TV series ‘Dwight in Shining Armor’ and co-writing the 2019 crime drama film ‘Saving Zoë.’ The two serve as executive producers of the show as well, along with Erik Christensen, Suzanne Bolch, Scott Garvie, and Christina Jennings. The executive producers also include Anne Loi, John May, Jennifer McCann, Andra Johnson Duke, Jeff Simpson, and Michael A. Dunn.

The family show stars Zoe Wiesenthal as Ruby O’Reilly, Kristopher Turner (‘Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling’) as Daniel O’Reilly, Lina Sennia (‘Spin’) as Mina Amani, Dylan Kingwell (‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’) as Sam Price, Nobahar Dadui (‘Transcendent’) as Ava Amani, and Paula Boudreau (‘A Song for Christmas’) as Paula Price. The main cast members are expected to return to the fourth season.

The show first premiered in February 2022, followed by the second season in September of the same year. The third season was officially announced in May 2023, which is scheduled to premiere on BYUtv on September 30, 2023. In the upcoming season, Ruby strengthens her resolve as a well-keeper, but the well’s ever-increasing demands and her self-imposed standards lead to her letting her family and friends down, resulting in more challenges. As for the fourth season, the plot details have been kept under wraps as of now.

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