Is Suryakant Shinde Based on an Actual Theater Actor? Is Lagnacha Khel Khandoba a Real Play?

‘Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video’ is a Bollywood mystery thriller film about a young woman’s sudden disappearance after a viral video scandal. The titular character, Sajini Shinde, has disappeared without a trace, leaving only a cryptic suicide note behind on her social media page. Therefore, Officer Bela, a tough, no-nonsense female cop, investigates the woman’s missing case and sets her sights on the two people mentioned by name in Sajini’s note: her father, Suryakant Shinde, and fiance, Siddhant.

The film primarily deals with Bela’s investigation as she tries to scrutinize Sajini’s life in the aftermath of her social rejection born from the viral video. A significant part of the same comes from Sajini’s father, Suryakant. While the storyline explored within Suryakant and his dynamic with Sajini remains riveting and full of surprises, viewers might be interested in learning more about the man’s professional career as a theater writer and actor. Thus, some curiosity is bound to arise about Suryakant Shinde and his play Lagnacha Khel Khandoba’s basis in reality.

Suryakant Shine Is a Fictional Theater Personality From Pune

No, Suryakant Shinde from ‘Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video’ is not based on a real-life theater actor. By association, his famous play “Lagnacha Khel Khandoba,” Marathi for Hiccups During Marriages, also lacks any connection to a real-life play. Instead, both Suryakant and his acting/writing career in the theater are fictional elements crafted solely in service of the narrative. As such, the character’s creation can be credited to the film’s screenwriting team and has no relation to the Indian musical artist of the same name.

Within the film’s narrative, Suryakant’s profession on the stage adds a level of intrigue to Bela’s investigation. The obvious correlation between the man’s famed acting skills and their implementation during his police interrogations remains obvious. Since Suryakant is introduced as a master of deceit by career, it’s easier for the audience and Bela to suspect him of duplicity.

Furthermore, Suryakant’s fame as an artist has earned him immense respect within the community. For the same reason, he expects to be left alone by the cops and remains indignant when Bela refuses to back down and question his integrity. Likewise, his play reflects on a father’s emotions surrounding his daughter’s wedding within its exploration of marital concepts. As such, it helps the audience make another, more sentimental connection between Sajini and her father.

Yet, even though theater productions and plays are a vital part of the artistic culture within Pune, Suryakant harvests most of his real-life authenticity from his profession as a father rather than an actor/writer. The man is depicted as a hot-headed, strict father with little tolerance for even the smallest of mistakes. At times, his actions even come across as subliminally abusive. Nevertheless, these character traits are accepted as an inherent fatherly trait that defines his relationship with his daughter.

For the same reason, Sajini’s position as Suryakant’s daughter helps people understand the gravity of her situation. After the viral video, Sajini knows better than to even seek out her father for comfort or sympathy. As such, she remains isolated from her family, constantly in fear of their reactions, which plays into her deteriorating mental health.

Still, the film also showcases the other side of Suryakant’s parenting, wherein he’s genuinely concerned for his daughter once he realizes the scope of damage that the public backlash has done to her. By showcasing Sajini’s father in such a complicated light, the film adds a sense of realism to his character. Nevertheless, he isn’t based on a real person.

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