Shane Mack’s A Guy Goes To Therapy Set for October Filming in Westchester

The filming of Shane Mack’s upcoming film ‘A Guy Goes to Therapy’ is set to begin in Westchester, New York, in October. The comedy film follows “an emotionally stunted townie with no direction, who is left by his longtime girlfriend, and has no choice but to go to therapy. But, his entire existence is thrown into flux and his life gets a whole lot worse before it can get better,” as per the official logline.

Since the production hasn’t received a waiver from SAG-AFTRA to move forward with the filming, the same in Westchester can be affected by the ongoing actors’ strike. The county is considered an ideal location for filming due to its historic castles, scenic rivers, and proximity to New York City. Westchester has previously hosted the filming of ‘The Leftovers,’ ‘Revolutionary Road,’ ‘The Adjustment Bureau,’ ‘Meet the Parents,’ ‘The Thomas Crown Affair,’ and ‘Broken Flowers.’ Films like ‘Fair Game,’ ‘Rich and Famous,’ ‘The Secret Lives of Dentists,’ and ‘In the Family’ were also shot in the county.

‘A Guy Goes to Therapy’ is helmed by Shane Mack, known for writing the script of the 2020 comedy movie ‘Coffee & Kareem.’ The film, directed by Michael Dowse, revolves around a 12-year-old kid who accidentally exposes his family to a secret network of criminals while trying to scare off his mother’s police officer boyfriend. Apart from ‘Coffee & Kareem,’ Mack has also worked on a few short films, including ‘Randee Mickelberry, I Love You’ and ‘The Guy Who’s F*cking Your Girlfriend.’

The movie’s cast has not been announced yet. The film is produced by Dane Eckerle and Phil Keefe. The duo earlier co-produced the 2022 film ‘I Love My Dad.’ Eckerle is also known for developing the television film ‘Hospice’ while Keefe previously worked on Daniella Alonzo-starrer ‘Late Bloomers.’ Furthermore, it has been revealed that Alan Scott Neal serves as the casting director of the project. Neal has earlier worked as a casting associate on ‘Euphoria,’ ‘The Rehearsal,’ ‘The Looming Tower,’ ‘The Idol,’ ‘Swipe Night,’ and ‘Rebel in the Rye.’

‘A Guy Goes to Therapy’ made headlines last year when it got featured in The Black List 2022, an annual survey of the best screenplays that remain unproduced through the year. The list, founded by Franklin Leonard in 2005, has resulted in the production of hundreds of scripts, that went on to become acclaimed films, including ‘The Revenant,’ ‘Argo,’ ‘The King’s Speech,’ ‘The Descendants,’ ‘Slumdog Millionaire,’ ‘Hell or High Water’ and ‘American Hustle.’

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