Sugar: Is the Del Corazon a Real Hotel in Los Angeles?

Hotel Del Corazon is private detective John Sugar’s home whenever he is in Los Angeles in Apple TV+’s mystery series ‘Sugar.’ Even when Ruby asks him to get a new house of his own to stay, he dismisses her words and makes it clear that he cannot consider any place else as his abode. The captivating appeal of the establishment also becomes a part of the way he presents himself as Bernie Siegel tells him. However, the Del Corazon doesn’t exist in reality. It is a hotel the production department of the show set up for its shooting. Still, it has a connection with one of the most iconic properties in the City of Angels!

The Del Corazon and Hotel Bel-Air

The Del Corazon is a fictional hotel. Even though there is a hotel with the same name, “Susurros Del Corazon” to be precise, it is located in Punta Mita, Mexico. The establishment in the show was inspired by Hotel Bel-Air, as per an interview executive producer Simon Kinberg gave to the Irish Daily Star. Hotel Bel-Air is on Stone Canyon Road in the residential neighborhood of Bel-Air in Los Angeles. The 12-acre property has been open since 1946 and is operated by Dorchester Collection. The hotel, which has an old Hollywood appeal, has several captivating attractions, including a lake with a sculpture made by Rogan Gregory and walls with photographs taken by Norman Seeff. The signature suites in the hotel are dream destinations for tourists from across the globe.

Even though Hotel Bel-Air doesn’t stand in for the Del Corazon, it is understandable why the establishment inspired the creative heads of the series to conceive the latter. In the show, the protagonist John Sugar is an avid cinephile who lives and breathes like the heroes of the movies he has watched. He accepts the assignment of Jonathan Siegel, without even consulting Ruby, only because the latter produced several of his favorite works. Hotel Bel-Air, on the other hand, is a part of the history of Hollywood. Over the years, the establishment has hosted some of the most renowned figures in the film industry.

Hotel Bel-Air hosted Marilyn Monroe’s last photoshoot for Vogue, which is now popular as “The Last Sitting.” Grace Kelly, who is recognized by the American Film Institute as one of the twenty-five greatest female stars, frequented the establishment enough for a signature suite to be named after her. Other guests the hotel can boast of are Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, Paul Newman, Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Robert Redford, etc. The property’s place in Hollywood makes it the inspiration behind the Del Corazon.

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