Syfy Orders Pilot Based on Revival Comic Series

Revival is making its way to your screens! Production for Syfy’s upcoming pilot based on the Revival comics series is set to commence on September 9th in St. John, New Brunswick. Aaron B. Koontz and Luke Boyce are the writers behind the project, and they are also on set to produce. The plot revolves around a policewoman’s struggle to maintain order in her town of Wausau, Wisconsin, as the deceased begin to come back to life with peculiar new capabilities.

Aaron B. Koontz has previously been at the helm of ‘Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge,’ a horror comedy where horror aficionado Rad Chad Buckley’s funeral morphs into a series of comically lethal traps, compelling the guests to unite and apply horror genre rules to survive the macabre game. Additionally, he wrote and directed the western horror drama ‘The Pale Door,’ which follows the Dalton gang as they seek refuge in an apparently deserted ghost town after a botched train heist, only to encounter a welcoming brothel inhabited by a coven of malevolent witches with sinister intentions. Koontz was also part of the writing team for ‘Scare Package,’ where the owner of Rad Chad’s Horror Emporium recounts terrifying tales to educate his new employees on the rules of horror. Furthermore, he co-wrote and directed ‘Camera Obscura,’ a horror-thriller centered on a war photographer grappling with PTSD who begins to foresee imminent deaths in his developed photographs, plunging him into a perilous spiral of uncertainty and endangering the lives of his loved ones.

Luke Boyce’s latest writing and directing endeavor is ‘Revealer,’ where tensions escalate as a stripper and a religious protester find themselves confined in a peep show booth, compelled to unite to endure the apocalypse in 1980s Chicago. Additionally, he directed the short film ‘The Pooka,’ which follows a compassionate oversized rabbit’s endeavor to reignite a forgotten spark in a lost soul’s life.

‘Revival’ is a horror comics series crafted by writer Tim Seeley and artist Mike Norton. Collaborating with colorist Mark Englert and cover artist Jenny Frison, the duo brought the series to life. Positioned in central Wisconsin, ‘Revival’ delves into the consequences following the resurrection of the deceased.

Recent projects out of the Canadian backdrop of St. John, New Brunswick, include ‘Last Call’ and ‘Trailer Park Boys.’

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