The Fear 3: The Exorcism of Morty is Reportedly in the Works

Morty, the scary wooden mannequin, will resurrect once again! ‘The Fear 3: The Exorcism of Morty,’ the third movie in ‘The Fear’ film series, is reportedly in development. The project’s shooting will start in Lake Arrowhead and Los Angeles on June 24 and conclude on July 16. The duo of Brett Pierce and Jake Kitaeff are directing this forthcoming film based on their screenplay.

The movie will unfold in the pulsating realm of dance music, where Morty, the malevolent wooden entity with a penchant for exploiting humanity’s deepest fears, emerges again to sow chaos among a new generation. This time, the sinister events unfurl at the secluded Fear Fest, nestled in the rugged mountains of Southern California.

In the previous installment of the film series, ‘The Fear: Resurrection,’ directed by Chris Angel and released in 1999, viewers are introduced to a chilling tale of “death by fear.” The protagonist, Mike, invites his friends to his grandparents’ house for a Halloween party where they all dress as their innermost fears. Mike’s own fear stems from his traumatic past – witnessing his father, a serial killer, murder his mother before taking his own life when he was a child. This unresolved trauma manifests in his reluctance to commit to his girlfriend, Peg, as he fears repeating his father’s violent actions. The sinister events escalate when Morty, the ancient Indian totem figure, comes to life, preying on the fears of Mike’s friends. The climax unfolds as Mike confronts his greatest fear – the legacy of his own father’s violence.

In the inaugural installment of the psychological horror film series, ‘The Fear,’ helmed by director Vincent Robert, a cohort of university students embarks on a research expedition to a secluded family cabin under the supervision of Richard Strand. Tasked with exploring the intricacies of fear for a psychology thesis, their journey takes an ominous turn upon encountering Morty. As tensions escalate amid unexpected arrivals and unsettling occurrences, the tranquility of the retreat rapidly erodes, plunging the group into a chilling confrontation with their deepest anxieties. With a cast including Vince Edwards, Heather Medway, Eddie Bowz, Darin Heames, Leland Hayward, and Ann Turkel, the film presents a gripping exploration of the human psyche against a backdrop of terror.

Lake Arrowhead remains a preferred filming location for horror filmmakers, as seen in recent productions such as ‘Dangerous Methods’ and ‘They’re Inside.’ Meanwhile, Los Angeles has also contributed to the genre by hosting the shooting of ‘Terror Firma.’

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