The Great Christmas Light Fight Renewed For Season 13 at ABC

Lights will guide you to ABC once again! The channel has renewed ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight’ for its 13th season. Carter Oosterhouse and Taniya Nayak will be returning as the hosts of the show. The casting process is currently underway.

In the last season, ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight’ featured some of the most iconic light displays from previous seasons. The Hazard, Ward, Cirlin, and Greene families competed, followed by the Burton, Brown, Keeler, and Paul families battling for the $50,000 grand prize under the judgment of Taniya Nayak. The competition continued with Nayak judging heavyweight displays at the River of Lights, NYC Winter Lantern Festival, Garden Lights Holiday Nights, and Galaxy Lights. The Uszaki, Shotts, Tinnin, and Salazar families faced off for the grand prize, and the Manfre, Swenson, Michael, and Smith families also joined the battle. Finally, the Rowe, Spacy, Hanson, and Tran families competed for their shot at the $50,000 prize.

In the upcoming season of the show, viewers can expect even more extraordinary displays as families and businesses compete to showcase their elaborate Christmas decorations. Celebrating the spirit of the holiday season, the show will continue its tradition of featuring impressive light displays and creative setups. With casting directors on the lookout for homes and businesses that go to great lengths in their festive decor, the competition promises to be as fierce and joyous as ever. Following the format of previous seasons, where families like the Hazard, Ward, Cirlin, and Greene battled for the $50,000 grand prize under the discerning eyes of the judges, the new season is set to deliver more stunning visuals and heartwarming holiday cheer.

As a reality show, ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight’ is expected to feature a diverse cast of participants competing for the $50,000 grand prize. Viewers can look forward to a wide array of families and businesses from across the country, each showcasing their unique and elaborate holiday light displays. Additionally, we can anticipate guest judges to add to the excitement and variety of the competition, ensuring a festive and inclusive celebration of the holiday season.

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