Hallmark Orders The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie Adaptation

Lolly Blanchard and her Aunt Gert are set to be reimagined soon! Hallmark has ordered a telefilm adaptation of Rachel Linden’s novel ‘The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie.’ The project’s shooting will start on June 3 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The heartwarming book has a fantastical twist and perfectly fits the Hallmark style of storytelling. Van Evera is the banner behind the TV movie.

The plot revolves around 34-year-old Lolly Blanchard, who finds herself at a crossroads in life. While running her family’s struggling diner, she grapples with unfulfilled dreams and lingering regrets. Her dreams of opening her own cafe are in tatters, and her dad won’t even let her make changes at the family diner. She regrets breaking up with her boyfriend, Rory Shaw, the only man she ever loved.

However, as the narrative progresses, Lolly’s eccentric Aunt Gert gifts her with three magical lemon drops, and her world is turned upside down. With each drop, she is transported to alternate realities where her dreams have come true—a bustling café of her own, a day spent with her late mother, and a reunion with her first love, Rory Shaw. As Lolly lives through these possibilities, she is presented with one final droplet, allowing her to make any of them her reality.

Regarding her inspiration for the book, Rachel Linden described a thought process about regrets, regression, and second chances. “I was on a flight from Nashville back home to Seattle, and I scribbled the words ‘What if you could redo your 3 biggest regrets?’ on a Delta Airlines drink napkin,” Linden told JeanBookNerd. “And gradually Lolly’s story was born from that question. What would happen if a woman who had given up everything, including an engagement ring and her dream career in England, after her mother died, was given the magical chance to redo her 3 greatest regrets in life? I just found that question and the possibilities so intriguing that I had to write the story to find out what happened!” the author added.

In addition to the telefilm, Hallmark has recently greenlit several originals and sequels. ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered,’ inspired by Martha Williamson’s television series of the same name, has received an order for two more movies releasing in 2024 and 2025. These are titled ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered: A Tale of Three Letters’ and ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered: To the Moon and Back.’ Another upcoming sequel is ‘Three Wiser Men and a Boy,’ a follow-up of the hit 2022 movie ‘Three Wise Men and a Baby.’ The movie began filming in April 2024.

As ‘The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie’ begins filming in Winnipeg, it will be joining several productions shooting in Manitoba during the same time. These include Jeff Beesley’s ‘First Responders Christmas,’ ‘Acting Good’ season 3, and Jonathan Eusebio’s ‘With Love.’ Later in the year, Winnipeg will host the filming of ‘Violent Night 2,’ a sequel to the 2022 Christmas action comedy, which sees an innocent family being attacked by mercenaries and Santa Claus himself arriving to save the day.

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