Doctor Who Spin-off The War Between the Land and the Sea Starts Filming in Cardiff in Spring 2024

Image Credit: BFI/YouTube

The new ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off series ‘The War Between The Land and The Sea’ is set to commence filming in Cardiff, England, in Spring 2024. The show revolves around the Sea Devils and their underwater colonies, which awaken from suspended animation. Historians granted access to the “Monster Vaults” within the Doctor’s TARDIS note that the Sea Devils adopted their name from unfamiliar humans. Over time, both Sea Devils and Silurians adopt the moniker, while humans retain it as ancient race memories, long forgotten. These former Earth rulers are now resurfacing to reclaim their planet, bringing them into direct conflict with the current dominant species: humankind.

Russell T Davies, an acclaimed British screenwriter and producer, helms the upcoming series as the showrunner. Renowned for revitalizing the iconic series ‘Doctor Who’ in 2005, he played a pivotal role in its success and has been celebrated for his contributions to the realm of science fiction television. His other notable projects include shows like ‘A Very British Scandal’ and the iconic ‘Queer as Folk.’ With an illustrious career in the industry, Davies brings his creative vision and storytelling prowess to lead the narrative of the spin-off show.

For the upcoming series, Davies collaborates with executive producers/producers Julie Gardner, Jane Tranter, Phil Collinson, Vicki Delow, and Steffan Morris. Gardner, known for her contributions to ‘Torchwood’ and ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures,’ has an extensive portfolio that also includes works like ‘Stuart: A Life Backwards’ and ‘Me & Mrs. Jones.’ Tranter is a key figure at the BBC, overseeing various channels and productions. Collinson, an active producer of ‘Doctor Who,’ has contributed to diverse entertainment projects. Delow’s notable productions include ‘The Tunnel,’ ‘Humans,’ and ‘Tin Star.’ Morris is recognized for his work in ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Wizards vs. Aliens,’ and ‘Torchwood.’

The BBC show will premiere on Disney+ after the former struck a deal with Disney Branded Television to stream the original show outside England and Ireland. “It is the best of both worlds,” Davies said in a statement. With “the vision and joy of the BBC and Disney+, together we can launch the TARDIS all around the planet, reaching a new generation of fans while keeping our traditional home firmly on the BBC in the UK,” he added.

Cardiff, renowned for its picturesque landscapes, has been a notable shooting destination for ‘Doctor Who’ and its spin-off ‘Torchwood.’ The city continues to be a preferred filming location, most recently featured in the series ‘Wolf.’ Stay tuned for more updates as we eagerly await further information, including the cast announcement, concerning the project.

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