The Worst of Evil Episode 2 and 3 Recap: Does Ki-cheol Trust Joon-mo?

Centering around a Gangnam-based drug cartel and the subsequent undercover operations headed by a reckless cop, ‘The Worst of Evil’ is a Disney+ South Korean show ripe with thrilling action. Jung Ki-cheol is the leader of “Gangnam Alliance,” a gang credited with a widespread new drug on the streets. As such, Park Joon-mo, a countryside detective, finds the perfect, if deadly, opportunity to progress his career by infiltrating Ki-cheol’s gang to gain sensitive information about his drug ring.

The show’s pilot episode introduces the two characters to each other’s lives. Joon-mo, undercover as Seung-ho, the fabricated cousin of Tae-ho, Ki-cheol’s closest friend, takes a bold approach and cockily demands a meeting with Ki-cheol. Consequently, episodes 2 and 3 primarily deal with the early stages of Joon-mo’s infiltration as he tries to edge closer into the gangster’s circle. If you’re curious to know how everything turns out for the man, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Worst of Evil Episodes 2 and 3 Recap

Picking up right after the last episode’s events, Ki-cheol confronts Joon-mo about his connection to Tae-ho. In response, Joon-mo is curt and flagrantly disrespectful, establishing that his frustration over Tae-ho’s killer roaming free has brought him to Ki-cheol’s door. Since Tae-ho’s killer, Sergeant Jang was such a big name in the city, Ki-cheol has kept his death a secret and similarly keeps Joon-mo/Seung-ho in the dark. The first meeting achieves everything Joon-mo wanted it to, with Ki-cheol invested in looking into Seung-ho’s past after the latter left quite an impression on him.

In order to make his undercover identity bulletproof, Joon-mo ensures that his team, Chief Prosecutor Chang-sik, ties up all loose ends by feeding information to Tae-ho’s father. As a result, Ki-cheol learns about Seung-ho’s apparent deep connection with Tae-ho, and since he hears about it from an outside, reliable source, he’s less suspicious of it. Although Ki-cheol still continues to doubt Seung-ho’s intentions, he soon starts to believe that the man is really out to avenge his cousin.

Meanwhile, one of Ki-cheol’s close comrades, Hee-sung, tries to plan a coup against his leader with Jang’s former gang. After Hee-sung approaches Hando, Jang’s right-hand man, with the idea, the latter takes permission from Song Donghyuk to overthrow Ki-cheol and attacks Gungnam the next day.

However, after arriving at Ki-cheol’s place, Hando realizes he’s been played by Hee-sung, who lured him here under his boss’ command. Joon-mo, at the club to talk with Ki-cheol, gets caught in the gang wars in the ensuing fight. Afterward, Ki-cheol shares news of Kang’s death with Joon-mo and officially welcomes him into his gang, impressed by his fighting skills and compelled by his connection to Tae-ho.

Furthermore, Ki-cheol cuts ties with Song, which puts a target on the former’s back. Following the pattern of misfortune, Joon-mo’s wife, Yoo Eui-jung, also learns about his undercover mission. However, when the couple meets for lunch to talk, Ki-cheol happens to run into them. Joon-mo realizes that his wife shares some sort of a past with the Gangnam gangster from their school days, and Ki-cheol finds a new reason to be suspicious of the other man due to his connection with a cop.

Nevertheless, Ki-cheol’s background checks on Seung-ho repeatedly come out clean, with Joon-mo managing to stay one step ahead of him each time. However, after Joon-mo orchestrates a grand plan to earn Ki-cheol’s trust, one mistake threatens to ruin everything for him.

The Worst of Evil Episode 3 Ending: Does Ki-cheol Trust Joon-mo?

With Joon-mo’s infiltration operation in its early stages, it’s instrumental for the man to gain Ki-cheol’s trust and, in turn, access the secrets of his business. However, instead of playing it safe, Joon-mo decides to be bold in his game plan and opts to leave impression after impression on Ki-cheol to compel the other man to trust him. Therefore, after joining the gang and getting stuck with patrol duty, Joon-mo comes up with a plan to quickly move up the ladder.

Chang-sik sets up a raid for Ki-cheol’s house with covertly dressed cops. On their way to the location, the cops intentionally drive by Joon-mo, which gives the latter a perfect opportunity to show up in the right place at the right time. Joon-mo also purposefully sustains a major injury during the attack to prove the legitimacy of his actions. As such, Ki-cheol decides to make him his personal bodyguard, allowing Joon-mo to tail the gangster around all day.

Although Joon-mo learns more about Ki-cheol’s habits, particularly his suspicious inclination toward fishing, he fails to discover anything substantial about the man even after breaking into his office. Yet, Joon-mo does manage to learn that Ki-cheol uses Eui-jung’s birthday as a code to his lair, confirming that they had a much closer relationship as kids than either lets on.

Therefore, when Ki-cheol, on his fishing trip, finds that the night’s attackers left behind a flashlight with the Korean police department sigil on it, the plan ends up costing Joon-mo more than he bargained for. Even though Ki-cheol isn’t privy to the truth, he remains suspicious of Seung-ho and keeps trying to catch Joon-mo in his lie. Nonetheless, the undercover cop evades him every time.

Previously, Ki-cheol had assumed the attackers came from Busan under Song Donghyuk’s orders. Consequently, Ki-cheol even ensured the Korean boss’ death using his close relationship with the Japanese boss, Yokohama. Thus, the flashlight puts everything under a different lens. Simultaneously, Mr. Cho, a rival, tries to learn details about Ki-cheol’s drug ring and confronts one of Ki-cheol’s men about it.

Later, Ki-cheol and his men kidnap Mr. Cho and drive him out to the middle of nowhere, bringing Seung-ho along for the ride. After allowing his men to brutally beat Cho up bloody and gleefully break several of his bones, Ki-cheol turns his attention to Seung-ho and asks him to finish the job. With a gun in his hands, Joon-mo realizes his previous efforts to gain Ki-cheol’s trust had been in vain. Moreover, his life rests upon his decision to kill Cho since a refusal to do so could not possibly end well for the cop.

Yet, since Ki-cheol still has no hard evidence to doubt Seung-ho, if the man kills Cho, he could secure his place within Ki-cheol’s gang. With everything, including Joon-mo’s morality, riding on a gun trigger, the cop aims at Cho and shoots. Although the episode ends before we can tell whether or not Joon-mo indeed killed Cho, the plot certainly confirms that Joon-mo has a long way to go before he can fully trick Ki-cheol and earn his trust.

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