Tim Roth and Isabella Rossellini to Star in Tom Hollander’s ‘Me, You’

Tim Roth and Isabella Rossellini are set to sail for the Gulf of Naples! They have joined the cast of Bille August’s period drama film ‘Me, You.’ The project’s filming will start on the island of Ischia in Italy. As previously announced, they’ll join a stellar ensemble cast, including Tom Hollander, Yari Gugliucci, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Hugo Hutton-Iliff, and Daisy Jacob. Greg Latter wrote the screenplay based on Erri De Luca’s novel ‘Tu, Mio.’

Set in Ischia in 1955, the plot revolves around sixteen-year-old Marco, who spends his days sailing with fifty-two-year-old Nicola, a hardened fisherman who narrates stories about the sea and the war that is still very fresh in his memory. Shy and curious, Marco takes advantage of his holidays on the Italian island to fill his eyes with the images of a world that is so distant from his native London. On vacation with his parents at his maternal uncle’s house, Marco lives a summer that changes him forever after meeting, within the group of his older cousin Daniele’s friends, the enigmatic twenty-year-old Caia, with whom he falls in love immediately and for the very first time.

As the narrative progresses, a beautiful complicity gets established between Marco and Caia, only for the latter to reveal her painful past,
with a childhood stolen by the SS and a father who preferred to throw his daughter out of a train in Yugoslavia, rather than having her to experience the horrors of a concentration camp. The stories of Nicola and Caia awaken in Marco an uncontrollable resentment for the SS, personified in a group of rude German tourists who tour the island, and through whom Marco tries to avenge Caia’s pain.

Roth’s recent credits include Ezra Shipman in ‘Last King of the Cross,’ a narrative inspired by John Ibrahim’s bestselling autobiography which delves into the operatic saga of two brothers, John and Sam, who navigate the underworld of organized crime but find themselves estranged as they rise to power. The actor takes on the character of Stan Richardson in Welby Ings’ ‘Punch,’ which follows Jim, a boxer preparing for his debut professional fight, whose life takes a turn as he grapples with his identity and sexuality after encountering Whetu, a gay Maori boy living by the beach. Additionally, Roth appeared in ‘Resurrection’ as David, whose return disrupts the orderly life of Margaret, unearthing haunting memories from her past. His upcoming projects include ‘Classified’ and ‘Poison.’

Rossellini recently portrayed Commissioner Tuma in Adam Sandler’s Netflix film ‘Spaceman’ and Simone Beck in Max’s biographical series ‘Julia.’ In ‘La Chimera,’ she took on the role of Flora, immersing herself in the world of archaeologists navigating the black market of historical artifacts. Additionally, Rossellini played Dr. Enid Zabala in ‘Cat People,’ a tale that looks into the unsettling realities of modern dating as college sophomore Margot finds herself entangled in unexpected horrors during a date with Robert.

August’s most recent film is Netflix’s ‘Ehrengard: The Art of Seduction,’ in which a love guru’s attempt to school a bashful prince in the ways of seduction takes an unexpected turn, sparking scandal and surprising romance. Preceding this, he helmed ‘Kysset,’ narrating Anton’s journey as a cavalry officer trainee, whose encounter with the Baron’s injured daughter, Edith, alters his priorities. His directorial ventures also include ‘A Fortunate Man’ and ‘The Pact.’

Hollander recently portrayed Truman Capote in the second season of ‘Feud’ and Quentin in the second installment of ‘The White Lotus.’ Caiazzo was recently featured in ‘Filumena Marturano’ and ‘The Sea Beyond.’ Yari Gugliucci’s recent roles include Mariano in ‘La Luce Nella Masseria’ and Father Gavira in ‘In The Fire.’ Jacob appeared as Maggie in ‘Everything I Know About Love’ and Cathy in The National Theatre’s ‘The Hard Problem.’ Hutton-Iliff is set to feature in the upcoming project ‘Dark Organs.’

Ischia previously hosted the shooting of ‘My Brilliant Friend,’ which is also set in 1950s Italy. The region is a significant filming location for the Netflix movie ‘Ultras.’

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