Trevor Mirosh to Direct The Freeze for Lionsgate; Starts Filming in Kamloops in the Fall

Trevor Mirosh is set to direct a feature film after more than a decade. His next movie is Lionsgate’s ‘The Freeze.’ The filming of the project will begin in Kamloops, British Columbia, in the fall. Mirosh co-wrote the movie with Raul Inglis.

The plot revolves around Morgan and her family, who are on the edge of collapse after her son goes missing. All she wants is her son back. When her fridge fails, Morgan adopts an old 1950s one to discover that something inside it is tormenting them all — slowly freezing them inside their own house. After surviving hypothermia and explosive lucid dreams, she begins to unravel the mystery behind this ancient icebox and her son’s whereabouts. The film is based on Mirosh’s 2017 short of the same name, starring Stephanie Lavigne and Abby Ross.

Mirosh has previously worked on a range of projects across different genres. Among his recent works is the short film ‘Exhibit Man,’ which centers around a police forensic photographer who uncovers vigilante activity in Battleford. Additionally, the filmmaker directed the action thriller ‘The Arrangement,’ which follows the intertwining paths of a hitchhiker and individuals involved in a theft. He made his directorial debut with ‘Salvador’s Deli,’ a film depicting three brothers inheriting their father’s pizzeria and confronting ethical dilemmas surrounding assisted suicides.

Inglis recently wrote and directed the film ‘Crimson Point,’ which follows Frank’s return to his backwoods hometown after serving 20 years in prison for his daughter’s murder. As old wounds resurface, he seeks to uncover the truth about her death amidst haunting rumors of the past. Additionally, the writer-director co-wrote ‘Nostalgic Christmas,’ in which Anne, a driven toy buyer in New York City, returns to her small-town roots after her father’s retirement threatens the closure of a beloved toy store. His other writing credits include ‘Insomnia,’ ‘Backstabbed,’ and ‘The Red Dress.’

Kamloops, a picturesque region in British Columbia, is set to host the shooting of the film. The city previously hosted the filming of productions such as ‘Bones of Crows’ and ‘The Last of Us.’

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