True Detective: Is Qavvik’s Burger Joint a Real Restaurant in Alaska?

In HBO’s ‘True Detective: Night Country,’ two detectives become embroiled in a complicated case that connects to a previously unsolved murder. When eight scientists go missing from an Arctic research facility, a Pandora’s box of trouble opens up for a small Alaskan town named Ennis. Detectives Danvers and Navarro try to solve the case while dealing with their personal problems as well as the increasing tension in the town. The show presents the events from a very realistic lens, which might make the viewers wonder whether the town and the places featured in it, like Qavvik’s Burger Joint, are real.

Qavvik’s Burger Joint in True Detective is Fictional

‘True Detective: Night Country’ is a fictional series created by Issa Lopez. The setting of the story and all of its characters are entirely fictional, all made to serve the plot. Qavvik’s Burger Joint is also a fictional location in the series. The place serves as the place that serves people from all walks of life in Ennis. It is named after the owner of the place, Eddie Qavvik, who is the kind of person who is known by almost everyone in town. He is a likable character who also serves as Detective Navarro’s love interest.

Navarro’s relationship with Qavvik is one of the central plots of the story, as it gives a sense of balance to her otherwise tortured character. Their dynamic also underlines Navarro’s dominating nature, presented through an intimate scene between her and Qavvik in the first episode of the season. Qavvik’s likability also works in Navarro’s favor a couple of times, as he has a lot of connections in town. He is also the person that she bounces ideas off of and gets perspective on a case that she is otherwise too close to by now.

Apart from his relationship with Navarro, Qavvik also serves as a plot device to lighten the mood. In Ennis, almost everyone is on edge due to one thing or another. The cops have a baffling case on top of the personal stuff they deal with. Almost all the side characters have enough things on their plate in addition to the troubling things going on in their town. In the midst of all this, Qavvik seems like the only person who has kept himself together, and his burger joint feels like the place where Ennis’ population comes to wind down, especially if he is serving his homemade brew. To sum up, Qavvik’s, like the rest of the Ennis, is an entirely fictional burger joint. However, its placement in the story makes it one of the more significant and repetitive locations in the show.

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