Hallmark Orders 12 Clues of Christmas; Starts Filming in Vancouver in June

’12 Clues of Christmas,’ an upcoming Hallmark production, is all set to begin filming in Vancouver in June. Lucie Guest is on directorial duties for this forthcoming venture. Stephanie Sourapas and Tom McCurrie are behind the script.

The plot revolves around Avery and Lewis Plum, proprietors of a struggling candy store and grappling with marital discord on the brink of their fifth anniversary, as they embark on a transformative journey when Avery orchestrates a Christmas treasure hunt contest in bustling Chicago to reignite their fading connection. Despite initial apprehensions, Lewis joins in, hoping to mend their fraying relationship bonds. However, the unexpected appearance of Avery’s charismatic ex-boyfriend, Wes, introduces a new layer of tension, challenging the couple’s resolve. As they navigate the contest’s challenges and confront unresolved emotions, Avery and Lewis rediscover the essence of their love. Yet, miscommunications with Wes and a denied loan application amplify their struggles, compelling them to stake their hopes on winning the competition to save their beloved Sugar Plums store from closure. Through adversity, conflicts, and surprising revelations, Avery and Lewis emerge victorious, not only securing their business’s future but also reigniting the flame of their enduring love, reaffirming their commitment to each other amidst the trials of life.

Lucie Guest recently led the thriller ‘Living with My Mother’s Killer,’ where a woman confronts the tragic murder of her mother by forgiving the accused and allowing him to work on her property, only to unearth unsettling truths from the past. Previously, Guest directed the Hallmark film ‘Sealed with a List,’ following Carley’s journey to fulfill abandoned resolutions, finding love and confidence with coworker Wyatt. Additionally, she helmed ‘Christmas at the Chalet,’ portraying ex-TV host Lex’s Christmas in a chalet with her son, ex-husband, and his new girlfriend, as she documents the experience for her followers. Guest has also showcased her acting skills in projects like ‘Hypnotic,’ ‘Buddy Games,’ and ‘The Mistletoe Inn.’

Stephanie Sourapas and Tom McCurrie collaborated on ‘Making Spirits Bright,’ depicting the story of Grace and Tony, members of rival families in the Christmas home decoration business, who must set aside their feud to compete in a town competition crucial for their livelihoods. Prior to this project, the duo co-wrote ‘Crimes of Fashion: Killer Clutch,’ following an American psychologist aiding a French detective in unraveling a murder mystery amidst the glamorous backdrop of a Paris fashion show.

Vancouver, a Hallmark production staple destination, is also the backdrop of several other upcoming Hallmark projects like ‘Engaged To Be Murdered’ and ‘A Dad for Christmas.’ Other than that, Hulu’s ‘Under the Bridge’ was also recently filmed in Vancouver.

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