A Chef’s Deadly Revenge: Is the Lifetime Movie a True Story?

In Lifetime’s ‘A Chef’s Deadly Revenge,’ we get introduced to an ambitious and courageous woman named Lucy, who stands up for herself and escapes from an abusive relationship. After completing her move to a new town, she works hard and manages to fulfill her lifelong dream of being the head chef of her own gourmet restaurant. However, the space where her new restaurant is was previously the spot for another restaurant owned by Frank’s family. Driven by jealousy toward Lucy, Frank and his family throw many hurdles and constant harassment her way.

Since Lucy has dealt with abuse in the past, she decides not to tolerate it anymore. So, she returns the favor to Frank by trying to make his life difficult. This leads to them being locked in an intense game of cat and mouse but with dangerous consequences. With Alexandre Carrière occupying the director’s chair, the thriller drama film features quite a few talented actors, including Kathryn Kohut, Tomas Chovanec, Chelsea Muirhead, and Bridget Wareham, all of whom display impressive onscreen performances. Stories of revenge among people in different occupations are not unheard of, but in the cooking industry, although it is hardly heard of, rivalry and vengeance can’t completely be discarded, leading to viewers asking questions about the authenticity of the Lifetime film.

A Chef’s Deadly Revenge is Not Based on a Specific Story

In the real world, professional chefs take their dishes and restaurants very seriously as cooking is considered a form of art in itself. So, when a chef takes up the space of another chef, it can create tension and animosity between the two professionals, a theme that is predominant in ‘A Chef’s Deadly Revenge.’ While the human emotions displayed through different characters might have some real-life connotations, the story is not inspired by any particular event.

Imagined and written by Erica Lane, the movie consists of a number of realistic themes that some of you might find similar to other movies or TV shows. There are quite a few characters and elements in FX’s ‘The Bear’ that resemble those in the Lifetime production. The comedy-drama series is created by Christopher Storer and stars Jeremy Allen White in the lead role as Carmy. Just like Lucy opens a new restaurant of her own in place of an old one, Carmy takes over his dead brother’s sandwich shop and turns it into his restaurant, acting as the head chef. One might find some more similarities between the two characters as they both are highly ambitious, perfectionists, and artistic when it comes to cooking.

In real life, since the summer of 2009, there has been a beef going on between the famous Gordon Ramsay and another popular TV chef Jamie Oliver. While the rivalry lacks the deadly side as portrayed in ‘A Chef’s Deadly Revenge’ through Lucy and Frank, the rift between the two is quite real. Recently, Gordon reignited the decade-long feud by suggesting that Jamie is the kind of chef who steals other chefs’ recipes in a TikTok video.

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