Bandidos: What Breed is Clinton the Dog?

In Netflix’s adventure series ‘Bandidos,’ Clinton the Dog is the constant companion of Lilí. Even when she joins Miguel and his group of thieves to find the treasure of Aj Took, Lilí takes the dog with her. Clinton never leaves Lilí and obediently follows her instructions. When her fellow bandits raise their eyebrows seeing Clinton amid a treasure hunt, Lilí makes it clear that her companion is not going to separate from her, regardless of what she is doing. The dog also helps her rob rich men in fancy hotels. Clinton’s appearance makes the dog a memorable one and one of the highlights of the show!

The Chinese Crested Clinton

Clinton is seemingly a hairless Chinese Crested dog. One of the prominent features of the hairless variety of the breed is the flowing hair on the head, which is also one of the attractions of Clinton in the series. The Chinese Crested dogs, like Clinton, are extremely small, recording only around a height of 11-13 inches on average. They also weigh around 8 to 12 pounds and have a life expectancy of 13-18 years. The American Kennel Club describes the breed as an “ultra-affectionate companion,” which is evident in the way Clinton remains a prominent presence in the life of Lilí. There is also a haired Chinese Crested dog variety, which is known as “powderpuff.”

Despite having “China” in the name, the breed most likely did not originate in the Asian country. As per reports, the origin of the Chinese Crested dogs can be Mexico or Africa, then spread throughout the globe by Chinese merchant ships. The breed was found as early as the 1500s in Mexico and Central and South American regions. The Chinese Crested ones are considered “great” therapy and toy dogs which also excel in “competitive sports such as agility, flyball, and obedience,” as per the American Kennel Club.

Clinton, in the show, displays several features of a typical Chinese Crested dog. As a constant companion of Lilí, the dog fills a very big vacuum in the life of the latter. That’s also the reason why Lilí can’t be separated from Clinton when she can easily disappear from any other person’s life. After faking her death to vanish from a mysterious enemy, Lilí parts ways with everyone, except for Clinton and Miguel. In the upcoming second season of the adventure series, we can expect the dog to join the couple as they will likely try to discover the Tear of Fire.

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