Murder Mubarak: Does Prince Harry The Cat Die? How?

‘Murder Mubarak’ charts a riveting murder mystery set within high society harboring unique characters in the lineup of ACP Bhavani Singh’s possible suspects. In the aftermath of a spirited Diwali Party, the Royal Delhi Club finds itself becoming a crime scene as the members discover the dead body of their Zumba trainer, Leo Matthews. However, the one dead body leads to even more death as Bhavani’s investigation commences, revealing secrets buried in the past.

The narrative remains captivating enough to dominate the viewers’ attention. Yet, as the sleuthing cat, Prine Harry, a permanent fixture within the Royal Delhi Club, entangles itself in Leo’s suspicious death, the viewers are bound to worry about the feline’s ultimate fate. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Prince Harry, The Cat, Meets a Staggering End

Alongside the exclusive club members and a plethora of staff available for the former’s beck and call, a number of cats also populate the Royal Delhi Club’s establishment. Due to its pre-independence history, the club names every cat after members of the British Royal Family, earning the cat Prince Harry his name. While the cat has no particular master, he lives under the love and care of Guppie Ram, a senior staff member who’s diagnosed with dementia in his old age.

Furthermore, the members of the club seem to shower Prince Harry with affection, cementing him as a definitive part of the story’s cast of characters. Prince Harry finds himself involved in Leo Matthew’s murder investigation early on after an autopsy showcases the presence of a drug substance, Pinko, in the victim’s system. The particular drug isn’t found anywhere else at the crime scene save for the cat’s vomit.

Therefore, Bhavani comes to the conclusion that Prince Harry likely came in contact with the thing the murderer utilized to drug Leo without detection. Still, the discovery leaves little room for development in the investigation. Consequently, Bhavani’s efforts in solving the case barely involve Prince Harry.

For the same reason, once Guppie finds Prince Harry dead, cooked inside the oven in his living quarters, he doesn’t assume it has anything to do with the murder. Instead, the man believes he must have left the oven door open while baking, leading to his beloved pet’s death. As a result, Guppie beats himself up about the cat’s death so much that his mental health worsens, pushing the man to take his own life with a flare gun.

Although the idea that these events happen without any connections to the murders remains plausible, a different truth emerges. In the end, Bhavani finally solves the case, exposing Bambi’s involvement in Leo’s death to cover up the murder she committed three years ago of her husband, Anshul. Consequently, Bambi’s other secrets air out, including her involvement in Prince Harry and Guppie’s deaths.

As it would turn out, Bambi had manipulated Guppie to help her cover up Anshul’s death all those years ago. Likewise, after Leo discovered the same and began blackmailing Bambi, the woman killed him— again employing Guppie’s help. For the same reason, the man’s cat, Prince Harry had Pinko in his system. Eventually, once the investigation begins closing in on the truth, Bambi realizes that if Guppie’s conscience gets too heavy, he could possibly expose her reality.

Thus, Bambi schemes to get Guppie out of the picture by cooking his cat, Prince Harry. By doing so, she gains the ammunition to manipulate the older man further and push him towards committing suicide. Therefore, Bambi emerges responsible for the gruesome death of Prince Harry, the cat.

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