BBC’s The Cleaner Season 3 Begins Filming in London in April

Filming for Season 3 of BBC’s ‘The Cleaner’ is set to commence in London this April. Created by Greg Davies who also stars as the lead, the British sitcom is an adaptation of the German comedy ‘Der Tatortreiniger.’ The series revolves around Paul “Wicky” Wickstead, a government-certified cleaning technician tasked with eliminating any traces of death, injury, or biohazardous debris from crime scenes. Through his job, he encounters a diverse array eccentric of people.

In the second season of ‘The Cleaner,’ Paul “Wicky” Wickstead finds himself grappling with various challenging clean-up tasks. From addressing the aftermath of a lethal pub brawl while battling his own struggles with sobriety to dealing with the chaos resulting from a male strip show at a theater, Wicky’s job takes him into unconventional situations. His cleaning duties extend to a tech shop where a shooting has occurred, leading him to collaborate with a conspiracy theorist. A death at a stately home introduces Wicky to a shaman with mysterious intentions. Venturing to a quiet town embroiled in a statue dispute and navigating the cleanup of a gamekeeper’s death in rural Wales, Wicky encounters a diverse array of scenarios, each presenting unique challenges for the government-certified cleaning technician.

In the upcoming third season of ‘The Cleaner,’ expect Paul “Wicky” Wickstead to embark on new and quirky cleaning missions, navigating through crime scenes and peculiar scenarios. The show promises a blend of dark humor, compelling narratives, and the unique challenges of Wicky’s government-certified cleaning profession, offering viewers an engaging mix of wit and unconventional situations.

In the third season’s cast lineup, expect the return of Greg Davies as Paul “Wicky” Wickstead and Zita Sattar as Ruth, a police officer and close friend of Wicky. Season 1 featured notable guest appearances, including Helena Bonham Carter as Sheila, Shobu Kapoor as Neeta, and Georgie Glen as Mrs. Gathernoid, among many others. Anticipate a continuation of dynamic guest appearances in the upcoming season as well.

Filming for the third installment is scheduled to occur in London in April. The city has recently served as the backdrop for productions such as ‘Masters of the Air’ and ‘Lift.’ Stay tuned for further updates.

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