Beat Shazam Renewed For Season 7 at Fox

Fox has renewed ‘Beat Shazam’ for the seventh season. Jamie Foxx will continue keeping the rhythm alive in the musical competition in which contestants race against the clock to identify songs for a chance at winning a cash prize. The casting for the upcoming installment is underway as well.

In the dynamic world of the game show, musical prowess meets high-stakes competition as three teams of two players engage in a spirited race against time and each other to correctly identify songs presented by the host. As rounds progress, teams with lower scores face elimination until one resilient duo, having amassed the most money of all teams, earns the coveted chance to challenge the Shazam app. The ultimate prize on the line? A dazzling $1 million, making every note and guess a potential game-changer in this thrilling musical pursuit.

Foxx usually takes center stage as the host, accompanied by his daughter Corinne Foxx, who assumes the role of the deejay. In the sixth season, since the Academy Award-winning actor was in the process of recovering from illness, the hosting reins were deftly taken up by the dynamic duo of Nick Cannon and Kelly Osbourne.

The season premiere of the game show’s last installment, titled ‘It’s a Family Affair,’ saw Cannon and Osbourne take the presenting duties. Foxx’s absence was acknowledged right from the outset, with Cannon humorously stating, “Now I know what you are all thinking, ‘That ain’t Jamie Foxx!'” He explained that the actor personally asked him to step in and assured viewers, “Make no mistake, this is Jamie Foxx’s house!”

Cannon, acknowledging Foxx’s legacy of hosting the show for five seasons and awarding almost $12 million, pledged to uphold that tradition by playing hit songs, throwing nightly parties, and giving away $1 million. While addressing Corinne’s absence, Cannon mentioned she was spending “some daddy-daughter time with Jamie” and introduced Osbourne as the guest DJ. However, specific details about Foxx’s condition or the reason for his hospitalization were not revealed.

Details surrounding Foxx’s illness remain relatively undisclosed but speculation suggests that he may have experienced a stroke earlier this year. Currently, it is reported that he is undergoing rehabilitation treatment in Chicago.

Throughout the show’s entirety, only five teams have triumphed in actually beating Shazam and claiming the coveted $1 million grand prize. Notably, the last season witnessed two remarkable instances of victory, with brothers James and Justin Kendall emerging victorious in the sixth season’s ‘Sibling Smackdown’ and Beth Wellman and Lauren Jones Kenny clinching the grand prize in the season 6 finale titled ‘Battle of the Ages.’

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