Cédric Nicolas-Troyan’s Blake & Mortimer: The Yellow M to Film in London in September

Image Credit: Technicolor Group/YouTube

Cameras are ready to roll for Cult Comic Book’s ‘The Yellow M’ film adaptation! ‘Blake & Mortimer: The Yellow M’ is set to commence filming in London in September. As previously announced, the top Belgian distribution and production company Belga Films Group is collaborating with French director Cédric Nicolas-Troyan for this English-language, live-action adaptation of the iconic European comic book. Nicolas-Troyan also wrote the screenplay with Jan Kounen and Jay Ferguson.

Set in London in 1953, the film revolves around Blake and Mortimer, who are thrust into a dangerous web of intrigue as they confront the enigmatic criminal mastermind known as “M” and his mind-altering technology.

Hailing as the sixth installment in Belgian artist Edgar P. Jacobs’ renowned 1950s comic book series ‘Blake and Mortimer,’ ‘The Yellow M’ chronicles the thrilling escapades of MI5 Captain Francis Blake and his esteemed scientist companion Philip Mortimer. Regarded as a masterpiece of ligne claire, a drawing style championed by Tintin creator Hergé, this cult series has captivated audiences worldwide, boasting over 20 million copies sold and translations into 15 languages.

Nicolas-Troyan helmed multiple episodes of the series ‘Furies,’ delving into the criminal underbelly of Paris, where Lyna encounters the mysterious and ruthless Furie, the formidable leader of this treacherous realm. He also directed the action-packed thriller ‘Kate,’ following a disillusioned assassin tasked with eliminating a yakuza clan within 24 hours as she races against time to uncover the truth behind her poisoning and seek revenge before succumbing. His directorial works include the Chris Hemsworth-led ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War.’

Ferguson has previously written episodes of shows like ‘The Show,’ ‘Played,’ and ‘Guidestones.’ Kounen’s previous credits include ‘Vape Wave,’ ‘Flight of the Storks,’ and ‘My Cousin.’

“I grew up with these characters, they are a big deal. They have been around for a while and beloved by many. So, obviously, I’m committed to honoring the comics and bring this rich and colorful universe to life while giving it a contemporary touch with plenty of heart and action,” Nicolas-Troyan commented. “I’m also very excited by the creative freedom allowed on such a European independent production. So, when Belga Films approached me to direct and produce such an iconic property, it was impossible for me to pass on the opportunity,” he added.

London has previously hosted the shooting of several literary adaptations, including recent releases such as ‘3 Body Problem’ and ‘A Gentleman in Moscow.’

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