Blueback: Is Robber’s Head an Actual Place?

‘Blueback’ is a family adventure film with stunning underwater visuals. The story showcases diverse and fascinating marine wildlife as the viewers embark on a thrilling tale about two women and their connection with the ocean. Following in her mother, activist Dora Jackson’s footsteps, Abby forms a fond relationship with the sea from a young age, exemplified through the friendship she forms with a Blue Groper whom she nicknames “Blueback.” However, with time, the ocean and its lifeforms begin to come under threat due to an increase in poacher activity, compelling the mother-daughter duo to stand up for their oceanic friends.

The film focuses on a particular bay area within Western Australia, where Robber’s Head, a spot near a beach, remains a signifier of Blueback’s residence. Consequently, fans might wonder if Robber’s Head is a real-life location.

Little Boat Harbour: The Real Location Behind Robber’s Head

No, Robber’s Head from ‘Blueback’ is not a real place. Instead, it is likely a fabricated moniker assigned to a significant location within the film’s narrative. In doing so, the story maintains a distance from reality while continuing to emulate a sense of realism. Since the film never explicitly zeroes down on the bay where The Jacksons’ story unfolds, the fictionalized title of Robber’s Head allows the area to remain memorable without directly referencing a real-life location.

However, there is an actual location behind the area. Writer/Director Robert Connolly was familiar with the Bremer Bay area, where much of the film’s shooting occurred. Consequently, he spoke about the same in a conversation with Escape, identifying the location behind Robber’s Head. “I’d go to different beaches mainly, and to unwind, I swam at Little Boat Harbour quite a bit – it’s called Robbers Head in the film, and it’s where we meet the Blue Groper fish that gets called Blueback.”

In the film, Robber’s Head serves as the central location where Blueback the Blue Groper resides. As a result, the story often finds Dora and Abby at the spot where they dive into the ocean to become a part of their finned-friend’s world momentarily. For the same reason, its location is the point where the reef splits apart, creating the ideal habitat for the Groper to settle down.

Therefore, utilizing a real location— a consistent effort within the film— creates an authentic experience for the audience by showcasing the reality of the wonder the ocean has to offer. In turn, it allows the audience to understand the importance of preserving such a wondrous place once the plot reveals the poachers’ exploitative plans.

Still, even though a real-life oceanic spot, Little Boat Harbour lends inspiration to the Beach Bay area, Robber’s Head in itself is not an actual location that can be found on the map. Ultimately, it remains a work of fiction, holding tangible ties to reality.

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