Bodkin: Is Inish Mac Tire an Actual Place in Ireland?

‘Bodkin’ is a Netflix mystery series that introduces us to three journalists investigating disappearances in the titular town. Their search takes them to the island of Inish Mac Tire, where a desanctified order of nuns offers a tourist retreat. Arriving by ferry, they are greeted by Mother Bernadette, who shows them the progressive practices of the nuns, offering yoga classes and a spiritual stay for visitors. However, within their castle walls, the sisterhood also hides an abundance of secrets connected with Bodkin, which will lead our protagonist further down the rabbit hole of a mystery they seek to solve.

Inish Mac Tire itself offers breathtaking scenes in the show, with the castle situated high up on the island’s rocky terrain. Its walls are lined with large engravings of crosses, with antiquated interiors and expansive courtyards leaving a distinct impression. Its important position in the show’s plot and the enigmatic nature of the island generate questions regarding Inish Mac Tire’s real-world existence.

Inish Mac Tire is Not a Real Place But Was Shot at Howth Peninsula

When we see the journalists on a ferry and Inish Mac Tire in the backdrop, the landmass is actually the Howth Peninsula, the westernmost region of Dublin County, Ireland. Scenes of the fictional Inish Mac Tire of ‘Bodkin’ are shot in and around Howth Castle, which overlooks the eponymous village.

The origins of the medieval castle date back to the 12th century, when it was initially built with wood. Over the coming centuries, it went through multiple renovations under the St. Lawrence family, yet its rugged stone walls bear witness to the passage of time. While the castle’s initial focus was defense in the days of knights and lords, future generations have sought to modernize the monument for greater comfort and luxury.

One of the most striking features of Howth Castle is its imposing tower, a testament to the castle’s medieval origins. The castle’s interiors are adorned with priceless artworks, antique furnishings, and family heirlooms, such as the Great Sword of Howth, wielded by its lords from the 15th century. The sequences of Inish Mac Tire in ‘Bodkin’ were shot on location in Howth Castle as well as Howth village. The scene of a nun leading a yoga session with a group of visitors was filmed in the castle’s courtyard. The structure’s storied halls, historic passageways, and antiquated furnishings can be seen in ‘Bodkin.’

“One of the most exciting things about working in Ireland is getting to shoot on location,” said actor Will Forte, who portrays the American podcaster Gilbert. “Most of the time we’re out in these beautiful rolling pastures or on these cliff sides. Every scene seems like it’s taking place in this delicious morsel of Irish landscape.”

While the show’s depicted location of Inish Mac Tire may not exist in the real world, a very similar landscape and monument can be found in Dublin County’s Howth Castle and its surrounding area. The castle is also home to a cookery school and a golf course, with its management encouraging filming at its venue. The ancient structure of Howth can also be spotted in ‘Love & Friendship,’ ‘Titanic: Blood and Steel,’ ‘The Man Who Invented Christmas,’ and ‘Duck, You Sucker!.’

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